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10 Best Virtual Wine Tasting Classes & Activities in 2023

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Virtual wine tasting is an online experience, where sommeliers walk you through a selection of wines shipped to your home. The guide educates you on the wines’ backgrounds and teaches you what to look for when enjoying wine. Since virtual wine tastings usually occur in people’s homes, they are a safe way to partake in wine without having to drive afterwards. Virtual wine tastings are also a classy way for colleagues to bond, as they commiserate over wine.

These tastings are an example of virtual alcohol tastings, are similar to virtual beer tastings and virtual chocolate tastings, and can serve as online team building activities or as part of a Zoom happy hour.

Specifically, this list includes:

  • the best virtual wine tasting classes
  • virtual wine tasting activities for team building
  • virtual wine tasting kits
  • online wine tasting party ideas

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List of virtual wine tasting classes

1. Far Niente Winery

Based in Oakville, California, Far Niente Winery is known for its history, with the estate listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While attendees do not get to physically experience the beautiful property during Far Niente’s numerous online events, the winery has wine educators on hand who present you a curated selection of wines and answer any questions you may have at these virtual wine tasting parties.

Book an event at Far Niente Winery.

2. St. Supéry

Located in Napa Valley, St. Supéry offers multiple virtual wine tasting experiences. Depending on the size of your group, St. Supéry can tailor the tasting to fit you, while providing a guide who teaches you about wine and the history of the winery. In addition to these group events, St. Supéry also offers weekly at home wine tastings, where you receive virtual wine tasting kits. You are sure to find an experience that suits your needs here.

Learn more about St. Supéry’s.

3. Matthiasson

Also from Napa, Mattiasson’s online wine experiences are suitable both for those who want a more guided experience and for those who prefer to explore wine on their own. By purchasing a wine tasting kit, you get a six-pack section of wine and can enjoy them at home. You can also reserve an online class led by a winery host through Matthiasson’s website.

Reserve a tasting at Matthiasson.

4. Schramsberg

Schramsberg is a winery located in Napa, and is notable for its sparkling wine, which has been served at official State functions by every U.S. presidential administration since President Nixon. With such prestige, Schramsberg holds periodic live virtual tasting sessions. At these events, knowledgeable special guests help present current and historical bottles of wine.

Join in at Schramsberg.

5. Clos Du Val Wine

For a more personalized experience, Napa’s Clos Du Val Wine lets people purchase wine to ship to their home. Once you buy your pack, the winery sets up a personalized, one-on-one tasting session. You can choose between an introductory pack of three or an all-red or mixed pack of four. If you would like others to join you for the virtual wine tasting, simply write down their names in the special instructions section in your cart.

Select a kit at Clos Du Val Wine.

6. Passalacqua Winery

Located in Sonoma County, California, Passalacqua Winery has been creating wines for five generations. The winery offers three options for virtual wine tastings: Light, Bright & Fun!, Sample Sips, and Corporate & Group Tastings. Each private event is facilitated by a Passalacqua associate, who provides you with some background on the wines and shares stories about the wine-making process.

Explore classes at Passalacqua Winery.

7. Priority Wine Pass

Highly customizable, Priority Wine Pass is a platform where users can express interest in a variety of wine tasting formats. With many big companies cited as their clients, such as Google, Amazon, Spotify, and Salesforce, Priority Wine Pass is the one-stop shop for virtual wine tastings from a wide selection of wineries. Because of this attribute, you can find events on Priority Wine Pass that fit your budget and have the features you care about.

Discover Priority Wine Pass.

8. Orange Glou

Held through Zoom, New York-based Orange Glou hosts virtual wine tasting events that are appropriate for both small and large groups. With the founder of Orange Glou having a deep passion for orange wine, these online classes are great for anyone interested in learning about or trying orange wine. With three packages available, Orange Glou’s interactive experiences are informative and fun at the same time, and are perfect for your team’s virtual Christmas party.

Sign up for class at Orange Glou.

9. Wine for Normal People

The Wine for Normal People online wine school is by author and wine-expert Elizabeth Schneider. The experience consists of tasting classes that aim to educate people about wine in a way that makes sense. Wine for Normal People’s events are live, which means your experience will be different every time, and highly engaging. You can sign up as an individual or organize a private session for your group.

Learn more about Wine for Normal People.

10. Napa Valley Wine Academy

Napa Valley Wine Academy provides plenty of learning opportunities to try different kinds of wines presented by professionals. Each class uses an assortment of learning tools to educate people about wine, such as video learning content, webinars, and discussion forums.

Enroll at Napa Valley Wine Academy.

Final Thoughts

Being knowledgeable about wine can sometimes seem like a topic only accessible to wealthy folks. However, by registering for a virtual wine tasting class, you bring your team together for a novel and VIP experience that can be highly informative and engaging. These classes are a classy way to get to know your colleagues in a low-pressure, non-work-related situation.

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FAQ: Virtual Wine Tasting

Still unconvinced about the power of wine to bring together colleagues? Here are some commonly asked questions about virtual wine tasting classes.

What is a wine tasting at home?

A wine tasting at home is when a winery ships a package of wines to your home, and then you attend a personalized virtual session where you learn about the wines. Wine tasting at home has the advantage of not requiring participants to drive after they have attended the tasting, since they are already at home.

How to host a virtual wine tasting party?

To host a virtual wine tasting party, register for a class that accommodates the number of people you would like to invite. Then, purchase enough virtual wine tasting kits for everyone, and get your guests to log into the video conferencing service at the time of the class. Once everyone is in the online meeting, a wine expert guides you through the wines, as attendees enjoy the wines together.

What are the best virtual wine tastings?

The best virtual wine tastings are from Far Niente Winery, St. Supéry, Matthiasson, Schramsberg, Clos Du Val Wine, Passalacqua Winery, Priority Wine Pass, and Orange Glou.

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