Updated: January 20, 2023

20 Fun Virtual Thank You Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Here is our list of the best virtual thank you ideas.

Virtual thank you ideas are ways to show appreciation to employees and colleagues. For example, sending digital gift cards, writing personal notes, and hosting a thank you party are thoughtful ways to thank team members. These activities aim to boost morale and express gratitude for a job well done.

These ideas are similar to virtual employee appreciation ideas and employee recognition programs. These gestures are a way to motivate remote team members.

This list includes:

  • virtual thank you ideas for employees
  • virtual team thank you ideas
  • virtual thank you card ideas
  • virtual thank you party ideas

Let’s get started!

List of virtual thank you ideas

Whether you prefer a personalized message or a thoughtful gift, there are many options for virtual thank you ideas for employees. Here are several possibilities that suit the occasion.

1. E-Cards

Sending e-cards and digital greetings is a quick and easy way to deliver colorful thank you notes to your team. There are collections of cheerful animated graphics you can choose from to let employees know how much you appreciate them. Though most e-cards are in email form, you can send some by text to ensure your associate receives the message directly. You can also pair virtual thank you card ideas with virtual gifts for a special package that gets your gratitude across in a joyful way.

You can find e-cards and digital greetings at Punchbowl.

2. Digital Gift Cards

With digital gift cards, associates can purchase items, top up streaming subscriptions, or enjoy dinner at a nice restaurant. Many online retailers offer e-gift cards directly from their websites. You can also find online outlets that sell vouchers for multiple brands. The convenience of shopping for gift cards via the internet means you can be ready with a quick thank you gift card at a moment’s notice. Sending a digital gift card through email also means your virtual thank you will arrive in your employee’s inbox without delayed postal delivery.

There are hundreds of digital gift cards to choose from at Tremendous and check out more of the best virtual gift cards.

3. Thank You Bucks

You can start a gratitude economy for your team by putting funny money into circulation! Creating virtual thank-you bucks to send to workers gives you an instant virtual thank you for a job well done. Employees can trade their bucks for simple prizes to provide in a remote environment, such as lunch from the boss, a paid afternoon off, or digital gift cards.

Here is a graphic you can use for your Thank You Bucks.

Pro-tip: By sending each team member $10 of their own Thank You Bucks every month to hand out to their coworkers, you can also start a “gratitude budget” for employees to appreciate one another.

4. Online Games

If video games are your associate’s favorite hobby, then you can treat your worker to a few rounds of their favorite online game or a small subscription to a gaming site. There are hundreds of games available as a digital thank you that encourages employees to spend some downtime engaged in a playful activity. If you are unsure of the recipient’s go-to game, then you can send a digital gift certificate to a site that lets them choose something new to try. You can also organize a virtual event for the team to play a few rounds of online games together as an interactive thank you party. A little playtime can be a fun treat that shows your appreciation for the whole crew.

Check out the video game options available on Steam.

5. Multimedia Tribute

Creating a multimedia tribute featuring thank you messages from coworkers gets the whole team in on the gratitude. You can request fun videos and photos from teammates to include in the presentation. Then, assemble the videos and pictures in a full-length feature with transitions, effects, and a bouncy soundtrack. To take your presentation to the next level, you can use an online service to compile your team’s contributions. Then, share your creation in an online meeting with the team that shines the spotlight on your guest of honor. Your employee will have a virtual thank you gift they can revisit whenever they need a boost.

You can explore multimedia packages at Tribute.

6. Virtual Trophies and Awards

Virtual team thank you ideas that involve the whole team have a way of becoming a part of the team culture. Circulating a virtual trophy and sending out digital awards for a job well done can be a fun way to appreciate your associates’ hard work. The trophy can be a photograph, statue, cup, or a graphic image designed for the occasion. You can send accompanying awards in printable certificates, online badges, or fun animated graphics. A quick award presentation during a virtual meeting will put the MVP in the spotlight.

7. One-On-One Web Meeting

One of the most personal virtual thank you ideas is a face-to-face online chat. These virtual calls give you the chance to put your appreciation into words. Thank you chats can be quick 10-minute sessions added to the schedule, separate from usual meetings or one-on-one get-togethers. The call can be a thank you, or you can present your associate with a virtual gift during the call as a unique way of showing your gratitude.

Here is a guide to doing more formal virtual one-on-one meetings.

8. Cameo Messages

Cameo is a website that lets users purchase a quick video recorded by musicians, actors, athletes, and other well-known figures. If your associate has a favorite celebrity on Cameo, then you can arrange for a personalized message. You can request the type of message and give a few details about the recipient to make their gift more personal. Prices range from $10 to $500 or more, depending on the celebrity chosen.

Take a look at the list of options at Cameo.

9. Virtual Museum Tour

With a virtual museum tour, you can thank your associates by providing a chance to see famous artworks and inspiring antiquities. Many virtual museum tours are available online, with museums worldwide offering virtual tours in both guided and self-guided formats. Many of the tours are free. To make the thank you extra special, package a link to the tour with a digital gift card to the gift shop. Your employee will be able to choose a memento of their online museum trip.

Check out this list of virtual museum tours.

10. Tree Planting

Having a tree planted in an associate’s honor is a profound way to show your gratitude. Rather than shopping for a gift that may not be a fit, you can find a company that will plant the tree of your choice and provide a certificate with the details of your associate’s thank you gift. A tree planting makes a thoughtful option when the occasion goes beyond what the usual virtual thank you ideas can express. This gesture is especially impactful for earth-conscious employees and can be a sustainable Earth Day or Arbor Day thank you.

Tree plantings for all occasions are available through A Living Tribute.

11. Audiobooks

An audiobook makes an excellent virtual thank you for the bookworms who love hearing a good story. By gifting them a new title or a digital gift card, you can show your gratitude by supporting their interests personally. Some audiobook companies require subscriptions; by purchasing a few months to introduce an employee to audiobooks, you can provide a virtual thank you gift that changes their world.

You can shop for audiobook subscriptions and titles at Audible.

12. Personalized Letter

A personalized letter is a classic thank you that never goes out of style. Whether you choose to handwrite your gratitude on a Word document using a pretty stationery template or compose a thoughtful email that expresses your feelings, the time and attention you give to create it is the real gift. You can include specific instances and details that illustrate how much your worker’s efforts mean to you. A personalized letter like this does not have to be lengthy. A few lines showing your thankfulness provide an exceptional virtual thank you that the recipient will appreciate long after reading it.

Some ideas for what to write in a thank you letter:

    • Your efforts on ‘project or task’ have gone above and beyond expectations. Thank you for your extra work and for helping make the initiative a success.
    • Thank you for stepping up when the team needed you. You performed admirably without losing track of your work. I appreciate your ability to balance the workload and your willingness to pitch in.
    • The team can always count on you to go the extra mile, even when you have to adjust your tasks. Thank you for being ready to assist whenever we need you to.

If an email feels impersonal, then you can write your letter on stationery or a note card and send it through the postal service for a more considerate thank you.

For inspiration, here are employee appreciation quotes.

13. Snack Subscription

For employees who love to snack, digging into a hand-picked selection of their favorite foods can make them feel appreciated in a delicious way. You can assemble a small box with treats you know they will love or order a box online that can bring a whole new world of snacking goodness to their doorstep. There are also snack subscriptions that you can purchase to give your worker a few months of enjoyment. You can add an accompanying note that expresses your gratitude for their efforts and accomplishments for a virtual thank you that hits the spot.

Companies like Simpalo provide healthy snack subscriptions that make great virtual thank you ideas.

14 Time Off

Offering associates extra time off is a meaningful thank you for workers who have put in the extra effort. A thank you that provides your employees paid free time can show your understanding of the contribution they make. With a thank you gift like a bonus day off, a three-day weekend, or an early afternoon shut down, associates have the chance to catch their breath, coordinate family time, or relax a little more during the week.

Check out more employee perks and benefits.

15. Social Media Takeover

You can show your thanks by turning your associate into a viral superstar with a social media takeover. If your company or department has a social media account, then you can hand over the reins and let your employees chronicle their day or week. A post showing your gratitude for the associate and explaining the takeover is an excellent introduction to the change in content. The guest of honor can share photos, video clips, and memes that show personality. With a few clever hashtags created for the occasion, everyone on the team will be able to follow the fun.

Here are suggestions for hosting a social media takeover from Sprout.

16. Personalized Song

Companies that specialize in creating personalized songs can help you provide a super special thank you to the crucial players on your team. By sending a professional songwriter a few facts about your employee, you provide the basis for a custom anthem that literally sings their praises. Talented recording artists in all genres will compose and record a tune that captures your gratitude in a unique gift. You can present the song in a meeting for the team to hear or send it directly to your employee to listen to at their leisure.

Listen to samples from artists at Songfinch.

17. Cartoon Portrait

For employees who love seeing themselves turned into art, have a portrait commissioned as a virtual thank you. You can find artists online who will create a special piece of art featuring your associate as the subject. These works make fun avatars and profile pictures for business accounts and social media profiles. In addition, there are digital artists ready to turn your worker into an anime figure and traditional artists who can create a frameable piece that can double as a digital print.

There are artists on Etsy who can provide fun portraits.

18. Gratitude Newsletter

Sending out a monthly newsletter that calls out associate accomplishments will let the whole team know how much you appreciate them. By including sections for team news items, employee accomplishments, and Employee of the Month-style announcements, you can fill your newsletter with cheerful visuals and exciting write-ups that give employees something to look forward to each month. This approach playfully shares gratitude and creates a highlight reel of the team’s most outstanding achievements.

19. Virtual Thank You Party

A virtual party celebrating employees can turn an ordinary thank you into a special occasion. Some virtual thank you party ideas include online cocktail parties, digital gaming sessions, and virtual tributes and roasts for a special guest of honor. You can invite attendees to indulge in snacks and drinks during the festivities, or you can send them treat packs that fit the party theme for a more coordinated event. A virtual thank you idea that encourages employees to relax and have fun together is a gift that your team will appreciate.

Check out more online team celebration ideas.

20. Master Class subscription

For the learners on the team, a Master Class subscription is a virtual thank you that provides the opportunity to discover new skills while learning from experts. Whether teammates love cooking or have always wondered how to write a novel, they can find online video sessions that explore the topics that interest them most. Each class is professionally recorded and conducted by familiar subject matter experts from science, politics, academics, and the arts.

Check out the range of courses at Master Class.


Virtual thank you ideas are as unique as the employees who receive them. Even if it arrives in digital form, a virtual thank you is as heartfelt as a thank you presented in person. The most important aspect of the gesture of appreciation that you choose is an element of sincere gratitude for the hard work and accomplishments of your associates.

For more guidance on this topic, check out this explanation of the importance of employee recognition and this list of employee of the month ideas.

FAQ: Virtual thank you ideas

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about virtual thank you ideas.

What are virtual thank you ideas?

Virtual thank you ideas are suggestions for showing your appreciation to remote workers. A virtual thank you can be a digital item like an email certificate or a virtual gift card, or it can be a physical item like a snack box subscription or a handwritten letter.

How do you virtually thank employees?

You can virtually thank employees with gifts, messages, parties, and multimedia presentations. There are also online subscriptions, experiences like virtual tours, and art pieces you can present as gestures of thanks in a remote work environment. You can give your virtual thank you through email, in person via a private chat, or in an online meeting or party to get the whole team in on the occasion.

What are some good virtual thank you ideas for work?

Virtual museum tours, audio books, personalized letters, and digital gift cards all make good virtual thank you ideas. A virtual thank you can be as simple as a ten-minute Zoom call to show appreciate or as grand as a Cameo message from an associate’s favorite celebrity.

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