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17 Songs About Teamwork & Working Together for 2023

You found our list of awesome songs about teamwork.

Teamwork songs are tunes that encourage teams to work together. For example, “Lean On Me,” by Bill Withers or “I’ll Be There For You,” by the Rembrandts. You can use these songs to foster camaraderie and a team mindset.

These songs are similar to team building songs and books about teamwork, and can be a morale booster and opportunity for a team building dance. These songs cover themes around collaboration.


This list includes:

  • songs about working together
  • teamwork songs
  • songs about coming together

Here is the list!

Teamwork songs

From recent hits to all-time classics, here are some of the best songs to inspire teams to work together.

1. We’re All In This Together – High School Musical

This jam from High School Musical is one of the most literal songs about teamwork. The tune talks about working together to achieve great feats, and is one heck of a bop to boot. Bonus points if any members of your team know the choreography from the movie.

Most pro-team lyric: “We’re all in this together/And it shows/When we stand/Hand in hand/Make our dreams come true.”

2. With a Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles

Unity was a major theme throughout the sixties, and The Beatles wrote several great songs about teamwork such as “Come Together,” and “All Together Now.” “With a Little Help From My Friends,” is one of the group’s best songs about collaboration. In the true spirit of teamwork, this catchy tune talks about overcoming hard times “with a little help from friends.”

Most pro-team lyric: “Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends.”

3. We Are the Champions – Queen

We Are the Champions is one of the most epic teamwork songs. The verses describe overcoming hardships individually, however the chorus declares a collective victory by claiming, “we are champions.” This classic is one of the best team fight songs.

Most pro-team lyric: “We are the champions, my friends/And we’ll keep on fighting till the end.”

4. Team – Lorde

In this song, Lorde uses the phrase “we’re on each other’s team,” to express loyalty and solidarity. No matter what situations the group may find each other in or how non-ideal the environment, members of the group have each other’s backs.

Most pro-team lyric: “And you know, we’re on each other’s team.”

5. Whenever Wherever – Shakira

Once upon a time, when I worked at a restaurant, I used to blast this song on the speakers at the end of every shift. While this hit was originally intended as a love song, the refrain serves as a solid team rallying call as well. Declaring to be there whenever, wherever is right in line with the meaning of teamwork.

Most pro-team lyric: “Whenever, wherever/We’re meant to be together/I’ll be there, and you’ll be near/And that’s the deal, my dear.”

6. Lean On Me – Bill Withers

“Lean On Me” by Bill Withers is one of the best songs about teammates. The song encourages the listener to ask for and accept help when needed, which is one of the most important teamwork skills. Bill Withers assures his audience that there is no shame in asking for help, because everyone needs assistance from time to time. “Lean On Me” is a testament to the fact that human beings are stronger together.

Most pro-team lyric: “Lean on me/When you’re not strong/And I’ll be your friend/I’ll help you carry on…/For it won’t be long/Till I’m gonna need somebody to lean on.”

7. Better Together – Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson might have intended the lyrics to this ditty for a lucky lady, but the message of being better together rings true for teams as well. The song explains that life can be tough, however, it is “always better when we’re together.”

Most pro-team lyric: “Well, it’s always better when we’re together.”

8. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – MYMP

This syrupy eighties ballad is about building together and being unstoppable when united. This tune attests that there is strength in numbers, and nothing can stop the singers when they put their minds to a goal and stick together.

Most pro-team lyric: “And we can build this dream together/Standing strong forever/Nothing’s gonna stop us now.”

9. Everything I Do I Do It For You – Bryan Adams

The lyrics of “Everything I Do I Do It For You,” are about sacrifice and looking out for each other. This song teaches teams to be devoted to each other and committed to the cause, and to work for something bigger than themselves.

Most pro-team lyric: “You know it’s true/Everything I do/I do it for you.”

10. We Are Family – Sister Sledge

“We Are Family,” is a fun, empowering tune about closeness and togetherness that is just as fitting for work families as for real relatives. The song is about sticking together and celebrating together.

Most pro-team lyric: “All of the people around us they say/Can they be that close/Just let me state for the record/We’re giving love in a family dose.”

11. Stand By Me – Ben E King

“Stand By Me” is a lovely melody that declares that the singer will not be afraid as long as the song’s subject sticks by his side. Team members feel more assured when knowing that teammates will stand by and stick up for each other.

Most pro-team lyric: “Whenever you’re in trouble/Won’t you stand by me?”

12. I’ll Be There For You – The Rembrandts

Better known as the “Friends” theme, “I’ll Be There For You” is the ultimate anthem for showing support. The singer promises to be there in the most trying of times. The central message of the song is that bad days are more bearable when surrounded by supportive friends. Similarly, a group of great coworkers can make the most difficult jobs or days at work more enjoyable.

Not to mention, chances are the whole crew will do the clap after the first line, and it is extra fun to clap along with other folks.

Most pro-team lyric: “I’ll be there for you/(‘Cause you’re there for me too).”

13. Count On Me – Bruno Mars

“Count On Me,” is a sweet song that swears the singer will always be there to help. Bruno Mars declares, “we’ll find out what we’re made of. When we are called to help our friends in need.” The song is all about being dependable and being there for each other through tough times.

Most pro-team lyric: “You can count on me like one, two, three/I’ll be there/And I know when I need it, I can count on you like four, three, two/And you’ll be there.”

14. Livin On a Prayer – Bon Jovi

“Livin On a Prayer,” is one of the greatest teamwork songs. This tune is about withstanding hardships by sticking together, and is a musical lesson in resilience. Not to mention, few folks can resist shouting out the refrain, and you can use the song for an impromptu team building karaoke session.

Most pro-team lyric: “Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear.”

15. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Tammi Terrell & Marvin Gaye

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” is one of the most high-energy and upbeat teamwork songs. The tune declares that there is no obstacle too big to prevent these teammates from helping each other. The song promises, “If you ever need a helping hand/I’ll be there on the double just as fast as I can.”

Most pro-team lyric: “If you need me, call me/No matter where you are/No matter how far/….Just call my name, I’ll be there in a hurry.”

16. That’s What Friends Are For – Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Gladys Knight

This song itself is a product of teamwork, combining four music legends with different styles to make a mega hit. “That’s What Friends Are For,” is an ode to friendship and support. The singers vow to always be on the listener’s side, and swear that they can be counted on.

Most pro-team lyric: “Keep smiling, keep shining/Knowing you can always count on me, for sure.”

17. You’ve Got a Friend – Carole King

“You’ve Got a Friend,” is a musical promise to be there in the darkest of times. Carole King croons out that she is ready to help as soon as you mention her name, which is an attitude desirable in any teammate.

Most pro-team lyric: “You just call out my name/And you know, wherever I am/I’ll come runnin’.”

Here is a Spotify playlist of these songs:

Final Thoughts

Music has powers to change moods, and songs about teamwork can encourage employees to be more cooperative and think more fondly about coworkers. These anthems are a way to show team spirit and can become part of team rituals. Not to mention, music can put team members into more positive mindsets. Listening to these songs can help foster feelings of togetherness and camaraderie. Plus, you can add onto the playlists and create your own team soundtrack that reminds the group of each other as well!

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FAQ: Teamwork songs

Here are answers to common questions about teamwork songs.

What are some good songs about teamwork?

Some good songs about teamwork include “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical, “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers, and “Count On Me,” by Bruno Mars.

How can you use teamwork songs at work?

You can use teamwork songs at work by playing the playlist in the background of meetings, team building events, and coworking hours, or at the start or end of team huddles to boost the group’s morale. You can also use the songs as part of award shows or team videos.

Why are songs about working together so effective?

Wise folks often call music the universal language. When you play songs about working together, you give your people a shared language or anthem to rally under. These songs can motivate teams to come together and do their best work.

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