Updated: September 28, 2022

17 Top TV Shows About Teamwork to Watch with Coworkers

You’ve found our list of popular TV shows about teamwork.

TV shows about teamwork center around groups that combine their abilities as they work together toward a common goal. These shows may feature teamwork as an element of comedy or drama, with various portrayals of team dynamics and cooperation arising from each situation. Examples include Parks and RecreationSeverance, and New Amsterdam. Teamwork in television shows often illustrates problem-solving while celebrating the benefits of having diverse personalities on the team.

These shows are similar to movies about teamwork and songs about teamwork. These series tackle topics such as building trust and improving cooperation in the workplace.

This list includes:

  • examples of teamwork in TV shows
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Here is the list!

List of TV shows about teamwork

Whether you prefer a workplace sitcom or a reality show competition, here are your best bets for TV shows highlighting the importance of teamwork.

1. Parks and Recreation

Local government is a prime theme for a show about teamwork, even if the office is the humble Parks and Recreation Department in fictitious Pawnee, Indiana. The ragtag gang of mid-level workers understands their collective place within the group, allowing them to express their true personalities at work and in their personal interactions. The example of teamwork demonstrated by Leslie Knope and her bureaucratic brothers and sisters shows that a group of diverse personalities strengthens a team rather than weakening it. This fact is especially true when policy pits them against competitors like the Library Department or the insufferable residents of Eagleton, Pawnee’s wealthy neighboring town.

Learn more about Parks and Recreation.

2. The Office

The humble workers at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper are a collection of oddballs and goofballs that bring humor and heart to the concept of teamwork. In this show, there are several smaller teams within the larger group. For example, the sales team brings in the money, the accounting team keeps the books, and the customer service team makes sure clients are happy. The interpersonal grumblings among the individual characters can give the impression that teamwork is secondary. But when it comes down to getting the work done and ensuring everyone has what they need to succeed, the Scranton crew shows that collaboration is always the best way.

Learn more about The Office.

3. Community

The only thing to do when returning to community college as a middle-aged lawyer with an unfinished law degree is to find a crew who understands and offers support. This plan is exactly what Jeff Winger does when facing his unexpected dilemma in Community, an example of TV shows about teamwork set outside the workplace. Though the main character initially views himself as an outsider, over time, he forges bonds with his study group. Each member offers their own quirky personality to the mix, providing an array of valuable perspectives. Whether the team is buckling down for academic purposes or plotting a devious prank on the staff and students, their combined power is a formula for teamwork that may seem silly on the surface but has a foundation in caring for one another and helping the team succeed.

Learn more about Community.

4. Ted Lasso

There may be no better subject for a show about teamwork than a struggling sports team in need of leadership. With plenty of challenges waiting when he arrives from America, Coach Ted must pull together sub-par UK football team AFC Richmond and turn them into a championship organization. With his ace assistant, Coach Beard, at his side to calmly offer wisdom that backs up his friend and cohort, Ted Lasso is just what the players need to put their priorities in place. Coach Lasso is able to turn the team’s playing ability around while also helping the players become more successful humans by simply reminding them what a good human being means.

Learn more about Ted Lasso.

5. Stranger Things

The kids of Hawkins, Indiana ,know that the evil simmering in the alternate dimension beneath their town is not going to vanquish itself. The danger may start with a role-playing game that turns out to be more realistic than fantasy, but it keeps rolling forward with the main characters bonding over their efforts to keep the Upside Down from taking over their home. Though Eleven has the telekinetic powers that usually save the day, she draws real power from having her friends backing her up. When team dynamics like communication and open-minded exchange lead the effort, teamwork takes on an almost magical quality that not even the most gruesome paranormal monsters can destroy. The task is monumental, but what matters most to this team is protecting one another and using teamwork to conquer the demons they face.

Learn more about Stranger Things.

6. Severance

Teamwork during successful moments may be a given, but tackling darker situations is when solid collaboration becomes a necessity. The workers in the Macrodata Refinement department at Lumon Industries find themselves in such a situation when they split their personalities into two halves, called Innies at work and Outies on off-duty. The problems arise when the Innies begin questioning the purpose of the company. Each member seems to hold a piece of the puzzle that can help them figure out what Lumon is really doing, to both the workers in the office and the community at large. Only by combining their knowledge can they uncover what really might be happening. This version of teamwork may take place in dark, alternative present, but the real-world ideas explored on the show demonstrate the power of collaboration.

Learn more about Severance.

7. Abbott Elementary

From the perspective of a naïve new teacher stepping into an existing team of seasoned educators, teamwork is a natural and expected part of the job. On Abbot Elementary, this kind of thinking is quickly tempered with a dose of harsh reality. Not everyone on the team has the same goals in mind. Some teachers work for personal gain, while others are just trying to get through their day. Still others have given greatly to their team through the years without seeing the benefit. This sitcom demonstrates better than other examples of teamwork in TV shows that teammates can have different goals and values and still contribute to the team in valuable ways. In fact, having a variety of expectations allows team members to help one another succeed for the greater good of the entire team.

Learn more about Abbott Elementary.

8. Only Murders in the Building

The unexpected partnering of a retired television star, an eccentric theater director, and a budding artist makes for a refreshing version of team spirit TV shows can portray. The age differences among the main characters in Only Murders in the Building turns out to be an asset, giving equal value to each team member and proving necessary for solving the murder mysteries. As with many teams in real life, this crew comes together unexpectedly as a matter of circumstance. The characters may get off to a shaky start, but rather than letting their differences become a burden, they soon realize the benefits of combining their skills. As a result, this trio becomes a team that utilizes the best of what each individual offers to make the unit function better.

Learn more about Only Murders in the Building.

9. Law & Order SVU

The officers of New York’s 16th precinct are a hard-nosed, experienced team that works like a well-oiled crime-solving machine. The officers’ ability to combine their various sensibilities for the sake of their victims is a model for TV shows about teamwork that has lasted for decades. This team dynamic comes in handy when the cops go up against the defense lawyers and judges, who do not always see things clearly during prosecutions. Luckily, Captain Olivia Benson is a capable leader who recognizes the value of her teammates. These teammates may occasionally disagree about methods or details, but they always come together to keep the streets of NYC a little safer.

Learn more about Law and Order SVU.

10. Amazing Race

It may only be teams of two demonstrating teamwork on Amazing Race, but the small team dynamic can make or break the task-laden adventures. The benefit of each team knowing one another before the race should be helpful during the competition. But as many competitors learn, having a teammate who knows you well sometimes creates friction. Every second counts when your task is a timed race that requires cooperation and collaboration. The show’s most successful teams are those that know how to put their differences aside and concentrate on the job at hand. Staying in the moment helps bring teamwork into sharper focus, which is often true in everyday team situations.

Learn more about Amazing Race.

11. Survivor

While the participants on Survivor try to outwit and outlast one another, this reality TV challenge requires moments of unmistakable teamwork. Competitors take on monumental tasks they can achieve only through collaboration. These challenges help the teams progress through the game and provide advantages to the individual members. When the team sits before the tribal council to evaluate everyone’s performance, the most productive team members are generally the players who stay in the game. The team members who didn’t contribute as much as the others get voted off the island. On the surface, it seems like a cutthroat version of how teamwork can be. In reality, it demonstrates the necessity of all team members contributing to the task to achieve a successful outcome.

Learn more about Survivor.

12. Instant Dream Home

The renovation team on this do-it-yourself-but-quickly show has a slim 12 hours to transform a home from top to bottom, inside and out, without the knowledge of the family that lives there! This task is no mean feat, requiring months of preparation that involves simulating the home space and practicing the upgrades. There are multiple teams at work, with interior decorating, demolition and installation, and landscaping all playing a vital part in the enterprise. But rather than staying in their lanes, the team members assist one another in their training and the actual tasks. This type of flexibility applied to teamwork scenarios can help make the work easier and assist the team in successfully achieving their collective goal.

Learn more about Instant Dream Home.

13. Alias

Super-spy Sydney Bristow is constantly traveling the world on a mission to halt bad guys in their tracks. Her team of handlers keeps her safe by cluing her in on her surroundings during her missions and providing clever weapons and valuable tech. She may be the one putting her life on the line, but the voices in her ear guiding her as she works keep her headed in the right direction. Both elements are necessary for this version of teamwork. Though one side is more hands-on and the other happens behind the scenes, the mission will fail without proper coordination. Luckily, there is a role for everyone on the team, with each member playing to their strengths. With teamwork like this in play, the world is in the best possible hands.

Learn more about Alias.

14. The Voice

While this singing contest is a one-on-one competition on the surface, the real magic comes through in the teamwork that happens behind the scenes. Once the celebrity judges have chosen their competitors, each judge rounds up a collection of musical business buddies to help their crew make the most of their talents. This journey can include working with other singers, musicians, and producers who each add value to the project. This collaborative mentoring is a valuable part of teamwork when some team members have more experience than others. Sharing knowledge is crucial in helping the team succeed, even though the task may focus on a single member.

Learn more about The Voice.

15. Property Brothers

Twins Jonathan and Drew Scott may look identical, but their personalities and thought processes are wildly different, which makes them an ideal team. In their take on teamwork, one brother locates the property to renovate, while both brothers collaborate with the home buyers on a plan for the upgrades. The brothers share the tasks of demolition, renovation, and interior decorating, each offering input at every stage of the project. While having your twin as a teammate might seem like cheating, it actually gives the team the power of varying perspectives. Thinkers with differing perspectives can often identify the flaws in one another’s reasoning and propose fixes to make the task successful. This sort of diversity of thought is essential in effective teamwork.

Learn more about Property Brothers.

16. 30 Rock

Liz Lemon and company have their hands full producing a weekly sketch comedy show. While it seems at times that Liz is the only one bringing the production forward, she heads up a gang of writers who may bicker constantly, but they always manage to complete scripts on time. The wacky antics of her egocentric stars threaten to shut down production regularly. But when it comes time to shoot the show, the team hits their marks and manages to pull off the task of creating mid-level comedy entertainment. 30 Rock demonstrates that teams often have strong personalities vying for the spotlight. Sometimes in TV shows about teams, the less attention-hungry group members hold the team together. But in the end, everyone plays a role in completing the job.

Learn more about 30 Rock.

17. New Amsterdam

In a medical environment, teamwork can literally be the difference between life and death. The team in New Amsterdam understands this fact and recognizes the importance of collaboration. Everyone on staff plays an integral role and stands ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Each crew member has a specialty, ranging from emergency room triage to oncology. Because their work contains areas of overlap, every team member can be of use at any given moment. This sort of interdependence defines solid teamwork. The ability to maintain your own tasks while being able to step away and assist when necessary brings the best of teamwork to the task. The team members apply this team dynamic outside of their daily work, using their combined skills to help New Amsterdam become a better hospital overall. Adapting the benefits of teamwork to multiple scenarios can make a team successful in any situation they encounter.

Learn more about New Amsterdam.

18. Cheer

The team on the reality series Cheer tackles the daunting task of competitive cheer, taking serious physical risks that require the whole crew to be in sync. The connection among the team members shows in their interpersonal bonds, from quirky handshakes to pre-contest rituals that reinforce their unity. The need for teamwork in such a dangerous environment is an absolute necessity. The trust ensures the safety of the team members as well as the potential for success during competition time. In a team scenario like the one Cheer presents, the status of the individual team members as part of a larger group also provides a sense of belonging and identity. The feeling of being a part of the team extends beyond practices and competitions. Teamwork becomes a necessary element of their daily lives and brings the group closer on a personal level, creating a protective dynamic with a family-like quality.


TV shows about teamwork can be valuable tools for getting your team to think about how they interact. Workplace shows with ensemble casts are the most prevalent examples of TV shows that highlight teamwork. Qualities modeled by characters on TV shows about teamwork reflect real-world features that can help teams understand and appreciate their own group dynamic. These shows may disguise their lessons in comedy, drama or suspense. Still, when viewers look closely enough, they can find valuable examples regarding how to contribute to creating a successful team.

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FAQ: TV shows about teamwork

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about TV shows about teamwork.

What are some good TV shows about teamwork?

Some good TV shows about teamwork are Parks and Rec, The Office, and Abbott Elementary. These shows illustrate the value of having diverse personalities on a team and demonstrate that team members can maintain individual goals while contributing to the group’s success. Some reality TV shows that model teamwork are Instant Dream Home and Property Brothers, where successful teamwork is the difference between a successful project and a potential disaster.

Why should you watch TV shows about teamwork with your employees?

Watching TV shows about teamwork with your employees is a great way to highlight the dynamics of a successful team. Subjects like collaboration, diversity, and appreciating differing viewpoints are key themes in TV shows about teamwork. Enjoying episodes as a group can serve as an introduction to conversations about how to improve teamwork in your own team and give your workers a model for forming a more cohesive unit.

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