Updated: August 01, 2023

18 Fun Team Celebration Ideas For Work in 2023

Here is our list of the best team celebration ideas for work.

Team celebration ideas for work are ways to show team members how much you appreciate them and recognize their accomplishments. Examples include making accomplishment timelines, throwing surprise parties, and virtual happy hours. Many team celebrations can happen regularly, but events such as holiday parties and outings are specific to different months and seasons.

These activities are similar to virtual team celebration ideas and office party ideas. These events are a way to show employee recognition.


This list includes:

  • in-person team celebration ideas
  • company celebration ideas
  • end of project celebration ideas
  • activities for celebrating team success

Let’s get into it!

List of team celebration ideas for work

From virtual happy hours to accomplishment timelines, here is a list of celebration ideas that will raise the morale of your entire team.

1. Create an Accomplishment Timeline

Accomplishment timelines are one of the most creative team celebration ideas for work. Timelines give folks a visual chronology of accomplishments. It is fun to look back and see how far team members have come. You can choose an editable online document such as Google Forms and encourage team members to add milestones. Another option is to make a meeting where you add the accomplishments together.

You can stick to professional accomplishments or ask them to add personal milestones like getting married, having a child, or mastering a skill.

There are many significant accomplishments to add to the timeline. For example:

  • Meeting a tough deadline
  • Helping a coworker in need
  • Leading a successful campaign
  • Building a positive relationship with a new client
  • Giving a good speech

Once the group understands how the accomplishment timeline works, review it weekly or monthly.

2. Online Office Games (Staff Favorite)

Online Office Games banner

Friendly competition is a fun way to reward and unwind with your staff, and one of the best competitive virtual games is Online Office Games. Teams will get to play a range of virtual office Olympics exercises. This experience helps strengthen teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes led by an experienced host
  • a communication training game named “Can You Hear Me Now?”
  • games such as crafting slogans and trivia
  • engaging multiple-choice questions, number games, and lightning scavenger hunts

Additionally, you can personalize the trivia section by customizing the questions for your team. You can also order a cocktail kit for each player. By exploring Online Office Games, you can improve your team’s bond in an interactive environment!

Learn more about Online Office Games.

3. Hold Professional Accomplishment Meetings

Professional accomplishment meetings are one of the best end of project celebration ideas. However, you can hold these events regularly and without reason. Before starting the session, define which accomplishments you want your employees to focus on. Then, meet online once a week to review recent accomplishments. These meetings can be separate from other work-based meetings and are a great way to break up a busy workday.

You can pre-select accomplishments to feature during the meeting or encourage teammates to speak up and shout out accomplishments they achieved or witnessed throughout the week.

4. Make Time For Shout-out Lists

Shout-out lists are impromptu and casual celebration ideas. For example, you can announce an upcoming shout-out list or hold a regular roundup. The main idea is to eliminate the structure and open the floor for anyone to speak. Shyer employees will appreciate the opportunity to be recognized without taking center stage for too long.

When you begin this activity, inform employees that anyone can shout out a recent accomplishment. Teammates can use anecdotes, compliments, emojis, or high fives and thank you notes to celebrate their co-worker’s efforts.

For best results, keep these meetings short since they can be hectic. Recording some of the compliments is optional, and you can also choose to add them to a timeline or post them on a compliments wall.

5. Cocktail Shake Up (Popular)

cocktail shake-up banner

Happy hour is a fun, casual way to celebrate together. If your happy hour is online, then consider booking Cocktail Shake Up, our fully hosted experience! Teams will play engaging games and learn to make mouthwatering cocktails.

Cocktail Shake Up includes the following:

  • cocktail or mocktail kits shipped to participants
  • 90 minutes with a highly talented host
  • lessons on crafting the perfect drink
  • high-energy activities and games to encourage bonding

In addition, you can customize the games or add on additional drinks. To elevate your next happy hour, add Cocktail Shake Up to your agenda!

Learn more about Cocktail Shake Up.

6. Watch a TV Show or a Movie

Watching movies is a common pastime. This celebration is not the most social choice, but it is a great way to make introverts more comfortable being around their co-workers.

You can choose a popular TV show if a movie seems too long. Whichever you choose, it might be a good idea to vote on the title of choice. A democratic process will keep folks more interested. You could feature different shows or films and break people into smaller groups.

If you don’t fancy sitting quietly, you could turn your viewing session into a game. For example, choose a famous line or action from the movie and have everyone drink or take action whenever it happens. You can keep it casual or tally up points. Either way, the competition can liven up the evening.

7. Send Gifts

Employer gifts are one of the most common company celebration ideas. Gifts are a great way to show appreciation, especially when the presents are thoughtful and personal. Giving gifts will require coordination since you may not know where your team members live. While sending virtual gifts like gift cards is a viable option, physical gifts are exciting and interactive.

The company could choose to send out gifts to all employees. The team could also pitch in to send a gift to a team member celebrating a birthday or accomplishment.

A good gift can go a long way toward employee satisfaction and will likely boost camaraderie and promote a healthy reputation for the company.

Check out these lists of corporate employee gifts and care package ideas.

8. Exchange Gifts

Gift exchanges are not merely a Christmas party game. This activity is a great opportunity for employees to learn more about each other and express team gratitude. Participation can be optional, but it is wise to set a modest budget.

If you have a small, tight-knit team, then an exchange will be easy to execute. On bigger teams, there may be many unfamiliar faces. To eliminate any anxiety about buying a gift, you could create a theme for the gift exchange or ask for suggestions from recipients to provide givers with guidance.

Here are guides to virtual secret Santa swaps and virtual white elephant exchanges.

9. Solve an Escape Room

Escape rooms require teams to solve puzzles and find the solution to a mystery before time runs out. The goal of the game is to escape the room. Since the challenge is a cooperative activity, team members will share the success or learn to lose together.

This challenge is a fantastic activity for both team building and critical thinking. Team members must communicate and rely on one another if they want to succeed. Besides being entertaining, escape rooms also teach people how to think through a tough situation rather than panicking or giving in to stress.

Plus, if the team is successful, then you can celebrate your work victory and your escape room victory and relish the double win!

Check out this list of online escape rooms.

10. Sing with a Karaoke Party

Karaoke parties are one of the most fun activities for celebrating team success. This event allows team members to unleash their inner musicians and belt out their favorite 80s tunes. Thanks to websites like YouTube and Spotify, it is easy to pull up instrumental tracks with lyrics. With an event like karaoke, it is always best to make performance optional since not every team member will be as gung-ho on sharing their shower voice.

However, a karaoke party is bound to be lively and fun and is a great event to hold in tandem with a happy hour or cocktail party. You could make the event more robust by playing games such as name the song or fill in the blank lyrics.

You could even let people share their favorite team-building songs that inspire them to keep it more professional.

11. Hold a Talent Show

Team members often have interesting hobbies, and celebrating this diverse range of talents is worth celebrating. A virtual talent show is an amazing way to give your team members the freedom to show you a side of them you do not get to see at work.

Maybe your co-workers have interesting talents like juggling, playing a musical instrument, or doing funny impersonations. Keep in mind that some talents are not so easy to perform in a talent show. In this case, allow them to put together a video, slide show, or photo of their achievements outside the workplace.

Check out our list of talent show ideas for work and these fun virtual talent show ideas for more information.

12. Share Your Lives With a Story Slam

As human beings, we enjoy listening to a good narrative. Most folks have a good story to tell, no matter how big or small it might be.

You can vote on the theme for the story slam or have a host designate a topic. The participants will have five minutes to tell a real-life story that fits the chosen theme. Performers will tell a story about their own lives or an acquaintance or loved one.

Here are some good themes to start with for a story slam:

  • life-changing moments
  • romance
  • learning a valuable lesson
  • achievement
  • first time trying something
  • travel
  • overcoming a challenge
  • helping someone in need
  • stranger than fiction
  • wilderness tales

A story slam will whip up your entire team’s imagination and is a great way to celebrate life and work wins.

13. Take a Group Workshop or a Class

Learning is one of the best ways to keep life fresh and interesting. Employers often hold workshops for job-related skills. However, it is nice to celebrate with a seminar or class for pleasure.

Virtual workshops and courses are popular thanks to an increasingly digital landscape. You can find everything from online cooking classes to comedy workshops. If you decide to try out some online workshops, then rotate the topics. For example, one month you could try cooking lessons and the next could focus on ceramics. The more varied you do your workshops, the more teammates you will engage.

Workshops require materials. Make sure you find a way to get the materials into your team members’ hands before the workshop.

Here are a few ideas for online workshops:

  • art
  • cooking
  • mixology
  • candle and soap making
  • meditation and mindfulness
  • exercise

No matter what you choose, fun virtual workshops will leave your teammates with new skills and lifelong memories.

Check out more workshop ideas.

14. Bring in an Entertainer

Many entertainers do virtual shows. For example, you can invite a performer to liven up your team celebration online or book a performer to come to the office.

Your team members might be able to interact with the entertainer directly since there is a smaller audience. For instance, requesting songs from a skilled guitar player or participating in a magic trick.

Here are some ideas for entertainers:

  • musicians
  • magicians
  • DJs
  • psychics
  • comedians
  • impersonators
  • motivational speakers
  • meditation experts
  • storytellers

Entertainers will inspire your team and get their creative juices flowing.

15. Celebrate in the Morning with a Coffee Break

Most folks do not think about celebrations happening first thing in the morning. However, a coffee break is a perfect celebration to wake up your team and get them excited for the workday. For virtual coffee breaks, sending digital gift cards to participants is best. A well-known cafe like Starbucks provides gift cards online and has locations in every major city.

You can set up a breakfast party in the office, take the team to a local cafe, or reimburse takeout java for a WFH celebration. Whatever approach you choose, these events are a good chance for your team to begin the day on the right foot and get a caffeine boost before tackling their busy schedules.

Here are lists of morning meeting games and office breakfast ideas.

16. Create a Celebration Fund

A celebration fund is a way to build anticipation in the workplace and is one of the best in-person team celebration ideas. You could tie team celebrations to revenue spikes or try something creative such as a “good habits jar” where team members contribute each time they progress towards a goal. Even a few dollars a month will add up and result in a fun time.

The trick with a celebration fund is to keep it casual. Nobody wants to watch the fund dry up after a difficult month. Make sure the fund builds up until the celebration, then start again. It is also wise to let people know what the celebration will be in advance.

17. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Trending Choice)

Trivia is a great way to celebrate with a group while embracing a competitive spirit. You can bring the excitement of this experience to your team with Ultimate Trivia Showdown!

Ultimate Trivia Showdown includes the following:

  • 90 minutes guided by an experienced host
  • engaging question rounds, games, and puzzles
  • unique trivia questions in categories like history and pop culture
  • exciting games like The Champion Challenge and Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia

Best of all, we can customize the trivia questions to personalize the experience for your team! Further, we will come to your venue with all the necessary materials. Throughout this competition, each player will have an opportunity to shine as teams collaborate and connect. So add Ultimate Trivia Showdown to your team building agenda!

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

18. Honor Employees of the Month

Employee of the month is one of the most common team celebration ideas for work. You can honor employees of the month who demonstrated amazing teamwork and coordination. Celebrating how different team members work together to achieve a goal will highlight the importance of cooperation. This gesture will also show everyone that the company’s success is a group effort.

You could let each employee nominate or vote on employees of the month. This method is a fun way to boost teamwork and show everyone the company notices their hard work. Offering honorees a free meal or a bonus might motivate team members to perform or nominate worthy coworkers.

Here are more employee of the month ideas.


Team celebrations are a fun way for your team to unwind and feel like the company values employees’  hard work. Ideas such as happy hours, online games, and shout-outs keep employees happy to work for you. When it comes to planning a fun celebration, you should ask the team for ideas to ensure that the party fits the occasion and employee interests.

Next, check out these lists of fun work social committee ideas and ways to foster company pride.

FAQ: Team celebration ideas for work 

Here are some of the most common questions about celebration ideas for work. 

What are team celebration ideas for work? 

Team celebration ideas are events where your team members take time to celebrate achievements. These gatherings could take the form of a five-minute meeting to a full afternoon event.

How do you celebrate at work virtually?

When planning a virtual party, it is best to establish a time and celebration idea well in advance. Guests will meet in a video call at the designated time. The company might provide physical materials or gift cards for certain team celebrations. Ideas like happy hours, movie nights, and gift exchanges all work well in a virtual space.

How do you build excitement for team celebrations? 

The best way to get employees excited for team celebration events is to make the parties democratic. For instance, give the group a chance to vote on how you celebrate. Finding one activity that will excite everyone is almost impossible, yet giving teammates a voice and diversifying the celebration ideas will allow everyone to feel represented.

What are some good team celebration ideas for work? 

Some good team celebration ideas for work include shout-outs, accomplishment timelines, and movie nights. Gift exchanges, happy hours, and workshops require more effort but are also inclusive and fun. With the rise of technology, virtual games are another fun way to break up the workday and memorialize your team’s achievements.

How do you schedule team celebrations for work? 

An employer decides how often to hold celebrations. However, you should have parties regularly and commemorate big wins. A celebration event works well as an add-on to an existing meeting. Likewise, you could create a new meeting or event altogether.

First, think about how often and how much time you can dedicate to a team celebration event. Fridays are a popular choice since they tend to be less busy. The team celebration event acts as a gateway to the weekend. You could also do something weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly on a specific day.

There is no written rule for when or how to schedule team celebrations. It is best to find something that fits in the company budget and excites the staff.

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