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Team Building Quiz Questions & Answers for Kahoot

You found our guide to team building quizzes.

A team building quiz is a questionnaire that boosts teammates’ skills and fosters group bonds. For instance, a leader might use a team building quiz to determine a group’s current conflict resolution abilities and interpersonal style, or might create a just-for-fun quiz to help group members get better acquainted. The nature of these quizzes can either be serious or amusing.

Team building quizzes are similar to quiz games for work, and can help develop team building skills and boost company culture.

This article includes:

  • Examples of practical team building quiz questions
  • Examples of fun team building quiz questions
  • How to run an effective team building quiz
  • Team building quiz resources

Here are the tips!

Examples of practical team building quiz questions

Though teamwork might seem like common sense to you, employees may have different experiences and ideas on how to best cooperate. By handing out a practical team building quiz, you can take a baseline on your group’s collaboration style and know-how, and tailor an effective team building plan to improve group dynamics

Here are sample questions for an educational team quiz.

1. You observe a colleague violating a safety procedure. How do you react?

  1. Ignore the offense
  2. Call the colleague out in front of the team, so you can be sure that everybody remembers the rule.
  3. Pull your coworker aside and recite the rule. Share your concern for your teammate’s safety.
  4. Report the deed to the manager immediately.

2. One of your teammates is waiting on you to finish a component of a project, but you are behind schedule. What do you do?

  1. Nothing. I will contact my colleague when I finish.
  2. Ask my teammate to take over my portion of the project.
  3. Insist that the deadline was a loose guideline anyway.
  4. Notify my teammate that my task is taking longer than anticipated and provide an updated timeline.

3. A colleague corrects you in private, claiming that you spoke incorrectly or did not exactly follow procedure. How do you respond?

  1. Thank the colleague for their concern and vow to recheck your information. If truly incorrect, then make an effort to improve.
  2. Tell them to mind their own business.
  3. Ask, “what else am I doing wrong?”
  4. Point out something you noticed that your colleague got wrong recently.

4. Which of the following is not one of the team development stages?

  1. Storming
  2. Mourning
  3. Norming
  4. Warming

5. You feel like you rarely get a chance to contribute during team meetings. How do you remedy this?

  1. Make more of an effort to interrupt and interject your thoughts.
  2. Ask your manager if you can kickoff or lead a meeting when you have important points to convey.
  3. Call an additional meeting.
  4. If you do not get a chance to speak during the meeting, then you can email your teammates afterwards.

6. You and your team leader do not mesh well. While he or she does not act unfairly or unkindly, you do not feel particularly close or friendly with your leader. What do you do?

  1. Look for opportunities to learn more about each other, such as casual conversations before or after meetings or team building events
  2. Hunt for your team leader’s social profiles, perform a Google search, and fish for personal information from colleagues
  3. Report your leader to his or her boss
  4. Confront your leader and ask, “why don’t you like me?”

7. A teammate makes disparaging comments towards you. You have asked this coworker to stop, but he or she continues to call you hurtful names. When you become upset, the teammate insists that you lighten up, because “it’s just a joke.” How do you react?

  1. Insult your coworker in response.
  2. Explain why you find the comments hurtful and ask the coworker to stop again.
  3. Do nothing. The teammate is probably right; you need to work on your sense of humor.
  4. Report the teammate to HR. Everyone deserves to work in a safe and inclusive atmosphere, and the company will not tolerate hostile work environments.

8. Rank in order of importance, from eight being most important and one being least important, the following qualities of a work environment.

  1. Supportiveness and team mentality ____
  2. Challenges and development opportunities ____
  3. Recognition and rewards ____
  4. Relationships with boss and teammates ____
  5. Physical environment ____
  6. Ability to make an impact ____
  7. Autonomy/ability to choose and personalize experiences ____
  8. Company mission and values ____

9. Check off each statement that applies to you.

  1. I feel that I could be closer to my colleagues ____
  2. I prefer team building activities to be on the clock ____
  3. I prefer team building activities to be off the clock ____
  4. I prefer to feel confident in my job ____
  5. I prefer to feel challenged in my job ____
  6. I like to work alone ____
  7. I like to work on a team ____
  8. I want to have a voice within the organization ____
  9. I need clear directions and instructions ____
  10. I like variation in my job duties ____
  11. I prefer to perform familiar tasks ____
  12. I feel that others often misunderstand me ____
  13. I am outgoing ____
  14. I am reserved ____
  15. I have a good work-life balance ____
  16. I have friends at work ____
  17. My coworkers respect me ____

10. Disclose how likely you are to perform the following actions:

  1. Help a teammate: Always———Sometimes———Never
  2. Ask for help: Always———Sometimes———Never
  3. Learn on my own: Always———Sometimes———Never
  4. Learn with others: Always———Sometimes———Never
  5. Voluntarily attend a team building event: Always———Sometimes———Never
  6. Initiate a team outing: Always———Sometimes———Never
  7. Respectfully disagree with a colleague: Always———Sometimes———Never
  8. Talk with a colleague about non-work topics: Always———Sometimes———Never
  9. Propose a workplace improvement unprompted: Always———Sometimes———Never
  10. Assume a leadership role: Always———Sometimes———Never

To maximize the educational impact of the quiz, you may want to share the answers or go over the results of the quiz as a group. For questions that have only one correct answer, you should avoid drawing attention to teammates who answered incorrectly. Instead, you can discuss the issue as a group and explain why the right answer is correct.

This activity can be illuminating, as practical quizzes allow you to take a baseline reading of your team’s knowledge and attitudes, and help you pinpoint your teammates’ personalities and work preferences.

Examples of fun team building quiz questions

Pop quizzes are not the most popular pastimes, but as social media shows, folks are more than happy to fill out and share personal questionnaires during downtime. The questions on this list are entertaining, engaging, and have the power to bring teams closer together.

  1. Who on the team has been with the company for ten years or longer?
  2. Which of your coworkers was one of the first employees to work at the company?
  3. Categorize your teammates as Dog People or Cat People on the Venn Diagram below.
  4. Which of your coworkers is most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, and why?
  5. Which of your teammates would you be most willing to join on a road trip?
  6. Which teammates are parents? Grandparents?
  7. Which teammate is an only child?
  8. Which teammate would you like to get to know better?
  9. What was the last thing you texted or emailed to a coworker?
  10. Where is your favorite place to work from while working remotely?
  11. Whose family dinner would you like to crash?
  12. Which teammate has the most interesting upcoming vacation plans?
  13. Who has the zaniest client story?
  14. Who is most likely to bake you a cake on your birthday?
  15. If our team was a rock group, what would be the best band name?
  16. You find out that one of your teammates has a secret second life. Who is the double agent, and what is their alter ego?
  17. You can create an award for any reason, with any prize, on the condition that the recipient must be one of your teammates. What is the award and why?
  18. Have any of your teammates worked as colleagues at different companies in the past?
  19. List three non-work goals your teammates possess.
  20. Pick a teammate. Choose a word to describe that teammate. Share the word but not the name. Let other teammates guess.

You can draw further inspiration for your team quiz prompts by perusing our list of icebreaker questions.

How to run an effective team building quiz

Here is a list of ideas to elevate your team quiz.

1. Turn the quiz into a competition

Nothing boosts performance and amplifies ambition quite like a workplace competition. You can incentivize your team to participate by turning the quiz into a contest. Whether you host the quiz in one night or over a longer period of time, such as a quarter, you can reward the teammates with the most correct answers through points and prizes.

2. Include quiz questions in weekly emails

Quizzes might give some employees flashbacks to highschool. To avoid making quizzes feel like homework, instead of handing out your quiz in one sitting you can spread questions out over several weeks or months. Each week, end your team building email with a quiz prompt. You can award points and keep a running tally of scores, can enter each respondent in a raffle, or start a delightful discourse by asking teammates to reply all.

3. Let your teammates design the quiz

You want to learn more about your team, but your teammates also want to learn more about each other. Instead of concocting questions on your own, you can enlist your employees to help craft your quiz. Simply ask your team members to contribute one to five questions, then curate the submissions into a quiz.

These tips are just a few of the ways you can make quizzes more exciting and inviting. There are plenty of other creative methods of designing and delivering your quiz, so use your imagination, and have fun!

Team building quiz resources

Here is a list of team building quiz apps, websites, and other resources to help you run your activity.

1. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is one of the most popular team building quiz apps. You can use the site to create a custom quiz for educational or entertainment purposes. The quiz giver can display the game through a video conference or in-person presentation, and quiz takers can respond in real time through a smartphone or tablet app. Making quizzes with Kahoot! is fast and simple.

Learn more about Kahoot!

2. MyQuiz

MyQuiz allows you to design a quiz while controlling features such as maximum response time or total number of prize winners. Sharing a unique code with your team allows teammates to complete the quiz. The app will even reward players by displaying winners on a leaderboard and sending a code players can redeem for a prize.

Learn more about MyQuiz

3. Virtual Team Trivia

Trivia is the ultimate quiz game, and Virtual Team Trivia allows distanced teams to unite to swap knowledge and compete for ultimate bragging rights. Virtual Team Trivia is a one hour, fully facilitated trivia game centered around the topic of your choice. Because skilled TeamBuilding hosts produce and guide the event, the only work required on your end is booking the event.

Learn more about Virtual Team Trivia

4. Good & Co

If you want to give your team a personality and compatibility quiz, then Good & Co is a great option. Good & Co utilizes a quick quiz to sort teammates into specific roles and gauge the culture fit within the team. The tests are pre-made and time-tested, so you can get results without having to design your own quiz.

Learn more about Good & Co

Final Thoughts

A team building quiz can give you valuable insight into your team’s dynamics, but can also serve as a fun and engaging team bonding idea. You could even turn group quizzes into an ongoing team building exercise.

For more workplace engagement tips, check out our article on quick morale boosters for employees.

We also have a list of trivia questions and answers for work meetings.

FAQ: Team building quiz

Here are some common questions and answers about team building quizzes.

What is a team building quiz?

A team building quiz is a list of questions you can give to employees to learn more about them and how they interact with the organization. These questions can be both fun and serious.

When should you use a team building quiz?

Really, any time is good for a team building quiz. Some organizations wait for signs of trouble, but you can also use these quizzes per-emptively to build a healthy company culture.

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