Updated: May 11, 2023

16 Best Snack Delivery Services

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Snack delivery services are companies that send customized snack food shipments for workers to enjoy. The purpose of these services is to provide treats that energize employees during the workday. Examples of snack delivery services include Snack Perk, Crafty, and Boxy Bite.

Delivery services that provide healthy snacks are a helpful part of employee wellness programs, and companies often feature them as one of their perks for workers. Home deliveries of snacks let you promote virtual wellness to stay connected with remote workers.


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List of best snack delivery services

Whether your team goes for salty and savory treats or they tend toward sweet and crunchy bites, these delivery services will serve up snacks to whet their appetites.

1. NatureBox

With NatureBox, you can choose an array of delectable nibbles for your team, all created with nutrition in mind. Pantry-style storage lets you stock your break room with fresh snack foods while minimizing waste from packaging. Options include trail mixes, dried fruits, sweet or savory pretzels, and cookies. The company’s website offers recommendations for ordering, with virtual meetings, corporate gifting, and wellness programs listed as desirable snacking occasions.

Subscriptions for pantry-style bulk orders include five-pound quantities of each snack sent monthly, with pricing starting at $23 per person. For individualized treats, NatureBox also provides tabletop boxes filled with prepackaged selection, as well as Snack Passes, an option that allows remote workers to choose their own selection.

Learn more about NatureBox.

2. Simpalo Snacks

Whether you need to cover your workers’ hunger regularly or send a snack gift to appreciate customers and clients, Simpalo Snacks has you covered. In addition to health-minded packaged food, this company also offers fresh fruit deliveries for the whole food snackers in your group. You can arrange your order by brand and choose from artisan companies like Bearded Brothers and Nature’s Garden. Teams with special dietary needs can shop by category to home in on gluten free, organic, kosher, and other important aspects to make snacking safe.

Prices for Simpalo Snacks orders range from under $20 for a monthly, weekly, or biweekly subscription to $58 for the ultimate fruit selections for the office. The company offers a 10% discount for subscription-style ordering as an enticing additional treat.

Learn more about Simpalo Snacks.

3. Snack Perk

Companies looking for snack box delivery for remote employees can give Snack Perk a try. Classic bites like Cheez-Its and NutriGrain bars are part of the comfort food catalog as well as healthier choices such as PopCorners and Larabars. You can request a free sample pack to ensure Snack Perk is a fit before signing up. With no contracts to lock you in, you can start and stop your orders whenever you choose.

Snack Perk simplifies ordering by offering boxes with either 75 or 150 pieces per order, plus trays for displaying snacks in breakrooms and coffee stations. A team of ten may only need four snack trays per month, while a group of 100 workers may require upwards of 40 trays monthly. Prices begin at $107, and shipping is free on all orders. Subscriptions paid in advance can receive 15% discounts to help your munchie funds go further.

Learn more about Snack Perk.

4. Crafty

Businesses can choose the size and complexity of their snack delivery program with help from Crafty. This provider’s catalog includes small items like snacking boxes as well as full-sized vending machines and in-office catering services. Crafty’s helpful platform lets you track expenses and inventory to ensure you stay within your budget. You can even allow your workers to choose their treat preferences with Crafty’s employee engagement program.

For offices with high-traffic break stations, Crafty offers touch-free dispensers and virtual browsing devices. These tools use modern technology to keep the snack experience as hygienic as possible.

Learn more about Crafty.

5. Orchard At The Office

Dashing to the breakroom for a quick bite is more delicious with options from Orchard At The Office on hand. This stand-out among healthy snack delivery services specializes in premium treats. These selections are clever variations of familiar snack foods made with higher-quality ingredients for mindful indulgence. Baked chips, popcorn, lean jerkies, and fruit bars are on the menu to provide fiber and protein while minimizing sodium and sugar.

Whether you are looking for a standing order or a one-time purchase, Orchard At The Office can accommodate your snacking needs. Snack box sizes range from a modest 20-piece package for smaller teams to a massive 300-piece bundle designed to feed the whole workplace.

Learn more about Orchard At The Office.

6. Work Perks

With Work Perks stocking snacks from boutique suppliers, ordering your treats through this service allows you to support small businesses across the US indirectly. Your workers will enjoy packets of nuts, dried fruit, and granola, with fun surprises like macaroons and stroopwafels sprinkled about the box! All orders ship for free, providing major savings you can put back into your refreshment fund for future orders. Work Perks even has a separate program for work from home snack deliveries, providing tasty stock to remote and hybrid teams wherever they log in.

Prices for snack boxes from Work Perks start at $54.99. Selections are changeable in each order to provide fun new snacks for your team to try with every delivery. In addition to supplying your workplace, you can choose snack boxes for clients and colleagues as nutritional pick-me-ups for late-week drop-offs or as thank-you gifts for a job well done.

Learn more about Work Perks.

7. Canteen

Businesses with larger budgets may choose to invest in a dedicated snack shop for their workers. Canteen helps by designing modern convenience markets onsite and stocking them with delicious options. Once your space is complete, Canteen sets up a replenishment schedule that makes sense for you. This sophisticated snack delivery model is great for providing fresh snack and meal options for companies with a workforce of 50 or more members.

Selections from Canteen go beyond the usual packaged snack foods, though those are definitely a part of the catalog. You can also opt for refrigerated foods such as fresh fruit and sandwiches, coffee and craft services, and bottled beverages to refresh your employees. Layouts vary from countertop markets to full-service storefronts, all connected with the latest in digital payment technology.

Learn more about Canteen.

8. SnackBOX

If your ideal snack situation equates to a breakroom in a box, then SnackBOX has solutions for you. Name-brand treats fill every box, delicious favorites like Goldfish crackers, Nature Valley granola bars, and Chex Mix. These curated collections provide tempting selections for your workers, sent in individual boxes for each team member to enjoy on their own or share with their coworkers. You can also add a thoughtful message to your boxes for a personal touch.

SnackBOX can accommodate snack sends ranging from five to 5,000, making it possible for you to arrange treats for teams of any size. For orders of 100 or more, you can customize your boxes while enjoying discounts on certain options. You can send deliveries directly to recipients, receive them centrally for worksite distribution, or provide claim codes that allow recipients to coordinate their preferred delivery method.

Learn more about SnackBOX.

9. Snackdot

Snackdot removes the challenges of coordinating remote employee snack delivery services by allowing workers to vote for which snacks to include in their collections. Familiar favorites such as Clif Bars and Kettle Chips mingle among boutique snack selections such as Stacys Pita Chips and Justin’s Organic Candies. Team members receive a monthly survey that helps Snackdot tailor their offerings for a customized arrangement on your next order.

Your initial order includes a handy wooden display rack to store your treats. If paid snacks are a better option for your company, then you can use Snackdot’s innovative payment app. This feature creates a storefront that lets workers pay for their treats with a click of their smartphone screen. Snackdot also offers free delivery for all orders within the mainland US.

Learn more about Snackdot.

10. SnackMagic

Whether you are shopping for curated collections, recurring orders, or build-your-own arrangements, no snack delivery is too outrageous for SnackMagic to fulfill! Remote teams with workers worldwide can enjoy assortments of global snacks delivered to their homes or offices. SnackMagic also accommodates in-person selections and provides bulk ordering of your favorite choices for a more tailored experience.

You can order 100-piece snack trays for $300, featuring themes such as snacks created by women-owned businesses or treats from around the world. Prices for curated boxes begin at $50, while prices for themed goodie grab bags begin at $30. SnackMagic also allows you to include branding to create snack swag with style.

Learn more about SnackMagic.

11. Remote Breakroom

In addition to snack food, tea and coffee are part of the menu at Remote Breakroom. You can choose the most popular essentials for your team and send them on a frequency that makes sense for you. Though one-time orders are possible, subscriptions qualify you for a 10% discount on each delivery. You can alter your schedule or cancel it entirely at any time.

Remote Breakroom offers a variety of snack box sizes to choose from, ranging in price from $39.95 for a personal box to $55.95 and up for boxes big enough to serve the whole gang. Remote teams can set up bulk orders that let team members select their own arrangements and confirm shipping information for each box. Ground shipping is free on all deliveries, helping you make even better use of your snack bucks. Remote Breakroom also offers gift cards, a solution that lets remote workers choose their own snacks.

Learn more about Remote Breakroom.

12. Nuts.com

Nuts.com is the go-to site for ordering healthy treats for your workers and bosses. This company’s reputation for quality whole food selections makes subscribing an easy choice. Though essential treats like mixed nuts and trail mixes top the menu, customers can also select popular candies and decadent chocolate delights to mix up the snack station. You can add coffee and tea to your orders to share premium beverages with the team as well. Organic, vegan, and sugar-free options are all on the menu, allowing sensitive eaters to enjoy snacks that suit their needs.

Orders from Nuts.com totaling more than $29 receive free shipping, while subscribers who sign up for auto-delivery can enjoy an additional 5% discount on their orders. Nuts.com adds new products to its site regularly, making it easy to shake up your snack selection whenever the hunger for something new strikes your crew.

Learn more about Nuts.com.

13. SmartBox

For office snack delivery services that take care of your remote workers, SmartBox makes the process simple. SmartBox curates themed snack collections to make choosing your treats an easier task. You can choose fitness, family, and celebration boxes, as well as assemble your own collections. You can even opt for a surprise box and let SmartBox dazzle you with its best selections.

Smartbox lets you set up unlimited deliveries to multiple locations to cover the whole team in a single listing, eliminating the need for dozens of separate orders. Pricing starts at $29.99, with larger boxes offered at deeper discounts than smaller boxes, up to 15%. Weekly, biweekly, and monthly deliveries let you tailor your snack subscriptions for employees.

Learn more about SmartBox.

14. Boxybite

In the world of work from home snack delivery, Boxybite celebrates the happiness of enjoying delicious treats during the workday. This company even calls one of its options the Work from Home Joy Box! The catalog includes more than 150 possibilities, all optimally portioned per standard nutrition guidelines to energize your team in the healthiest way possible. You can curate your own selections to include nuts and seeds, bars and dried fruits, and crisps and chips. Samples of each category will let you try your options before deciding.

Boxybite subscriptions are scalable for teams from two to 150 workers or more, with three-month, six-month, or one-year subscriptions available. The company also offers customized plans if your needs are more specific than what the standard plans provide.

Learn more about Boxybite.

15. Munch Mail

Munch Mail is a snack delivery program offered by Aramark, an industry leader in supplying company refreshments. The emphasis is on curated experiences, which the company calls Flights. In addition to bulk orders for larger teams, Munch Mail boxes cover purposes from everyday snacking to employee appreciation gifts to corporate swag. Ready-to-ship gifts offer thoughtfully chosen selections in various themes that let you throw together impromptu orders.

The Munch Mail website makes shopping easy by whichever aspect makes the most sense for your budget and fulfillment needs. You can choose your snacks by price, recipient, or occasion and plan your Flight to arrive on your desired schedule. Shipping rates depend on location, with $7.99 covering two-day ground and $13.99 covering two-day air.

Learn more about Munch Mail.

16. UrthBox

Fans of super-healthy eating will love digging into snacks provided by UrthBox. With this program, snack experts at the UrthBox organization assemble arrangements of mindful foods and beverages perfect for open-minded snackers. You can choose from standard orders to receive 15 or more snacks each month or go wild with a group order for 30 or more treats to tempt your tastebuds. Selections are organic and GMO, making this company one of the more mindful providers on the market. Vegan and gluten-free options help make the variety more inclusive.

Prices for UrthBox orders start at $39 per box. One-month, three-month, and six-month subscriptions allow you to schedule your deliveries without worrying about running out of tasty treats to snack on. A three-month plan discounts each box by $4, while a six-month plan discounts each box by $9.

Learn more about UrthBox.


With snacking listed as one of the top perks for workers, snack delivery services offer a wholesome way to invest in the well-being of your team. These companies make it easy to bring healthy treats into your workplace to share with employees. Ordering your snack food through services that ship or deliver onsite helps you save time and money while bringing in an assortment of beneficial bites your workers will appreciate. With refreshments around the office to reenergize busy teams, you can boost employee satisfaction and workplace productivity at the same time.

Next, read more about office lunch and learns and shopping for new employee welcome gifts, two occasions in which workplace snack deliveries can come in handy.

FAQ: Snack delivery services

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about snack delivery services.

What are snack delivery services?

Snack delivery services are businesses that ship food to homes and offices to feed hungry workers. Though most services provide packaged treats, you can find companies that offer fresh produce and prepared dishes as well.

What are the benefits of using snack delivery services?

Some benefits of using snack delivery services are promoting healthy habits for workers and showing commitment to wellness in the workplace. Providing treats for teams can also help improve productivity and demonstrate your company’s appreciation for the workforce’s needs.

What are some good snack delivery services?

Some good snack delivery services include Nuts.com, Snackdot, and Orchard At The Office. For workers with more specific nutritional needs, companies such as UrthBox and Simpalo Snacks offer gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO treats in their collections.

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