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7 Best S’mores Kit Options For Virtual Campfires

This is a list of the best s’mores kit options for virtual campfires.

S’mores kits are goodie bags that contain ingredients for s’mores, including graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and, sometimes, candles or cooking tins. These kits are popular additions for virtual bonfire events. S’mores kits allow virtual campfire guests to simulate the outdoor experience and snack while building bonds with distanced colleagues. These kits are also known as “s’mores packets.”

These kits are compliments to virtual campfires and work for virtual team building, online team engagement and remote socials. These goodie boxes make great ideas for National Fun at Work Day.

This list includes:

  • s’mores kits for team building
  • s’mores kits for employee appreciation
  • virtual campout s’mores kits
  • s’mores kits for virtual teams
  • the best s’mores packets

Here we go!

List of s’mores kit options for virtual campfires

From printed marshmallows to gourmet graham crackers, here is a list of the best DIY s’mores care packages for online camping experiences.

1. tiny campfire

tiny campfire has one of the best s’mores kits for team building. Teams that book this 90-minute Zoom event get to enjoy historic ghost stories, camp games, and gourmet s’mores from behind a computer screen. Each artisan s’mores kit includes high-quality supplies like premium chocolate, flavored gourmet marshmallows, campfire-scented candles, and wooden skewers. This experience can double as an employee gift and a team bonding experience. A cheerful host leads groups through activities and facilitates large and small group socialization.

Learn more about tiny campfire.

2. S’moreology

An ooey gooey smore with melty marshmallow and caramel

S’moreology’s options make high-end s’mores kits for virtual teams. These packages can elevate any virtual campout by upgrading the basic dessert into a complete culinary creation. Flavor options include peanut butter and M&M’s, dulce de leche, and Samoa. Kit options serve between 6 to 18, and by using Goldbelly’s corporate gifting option you can send packages to up to 15 different addresses. This luxury s’mores building kit would be ideal for virtual or hybrid gatherings of various branches or offices and is a foodie favorite.

Check out S’moreology.

3. XO Marshmallow


Gourmet smores kit with xo printed on graham crackers

XO Marshmallow is a Chicago-based business that bills itself as the “world’s first marshmallow cafe.” Folks who are too far away to visit the shop in person can order gourmet s’mores kits from the website. The basic kit includes ingredients for four s’mores, including homemade gluten-free graham crackers and XO’s signature vanilla bean marshmallows. The “glamped-up kit” also includes roasting sticks and sternos, and makes one of the easiest virtual campout s’mores kits with a “wow-factor.” The kits ship well and you and you can feel good about supporting a small business.

Visit XO Marshmallow.

4. 1927 S’mores

1927 smores kit with gourmet smores ingredients

1927 S’mores is a gourmet small-batch s’mores seller that specializes in kits with unique flavors like lemon poppyseed, moose tracks, and whiskey salted caramel. For an additional fee, you can add a handwritten card. Between the personalized gift options and the out-of-the-ordinary combinations, these packs make one of the best s’mores kits for employee appreciation. The unexpected ingredients and the care put into the product is sure to make for a memorable virtual campfire experience.

Check out 1927 S’mores.

5. Candy With a Twist

smores kits with logo printed marshmallows

Candy With a Twist offers the best s’mores packets for promoting company pride. The maker can custom print images and text onto marshmallows or graham crackers, meaning you can send team members kits with the company logo or a special team-centric message. Not to mention, the marshmallows are massive, and the sweet teeth on your team are sure to be pleased.

Find custom s’mores at Candy with a Twist.

6. We Need S’more Employees Like You Treat Pack

This “We Need S’more Employees Like You” treat pack is one of the most popular s’mores kits for employee appreciation. Each kit contains basic s’mores ingredients and has a message of gratitude printed on the box. If you add a tealight candle, then you are all set to host a delightful remote campfire to thank hard-working team members.

Get the We Need S’more Employees Like You Treat Pack.

7. Paint Your Own S’mores Kits

smores kits with paintable marshmallows

This kit combines two of the most beloved camp pastimes: s’mores making and arts and crafts! Each package comes with enough ingredients to make six s’mores and contains printed colorable marshmallows, edible paint, and paintbrushes. Your virtual campfire attendees can flex their art skills and get creative with their DIY snacks.

Pro tip: Be sure to show off your creations and snap a screenshot or two of the masterpieces before firing up your roasting stick and chowing down!

Check out these Paint Your Own S’mores Kits.


Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of s’mores kits options for online campouts. It is easy to find and order s’mores packs for remote teams. You can even DIY your own kit by putting together boxes of ingredients and swag. However, keep in mind that the logistics of sending these kits can be more than first bargained for. The easiest and most cost-effective virtual campout option is often to bundle the experience and let an experienced team building company take care of shipping the goodies and leading the online activities. This way, you do not have to worry about shipping delays or melting chocolate, and can focus on swapping ghost stories or hiking tips with your team!

For more experiences with kits, check out this list of online mixology classes.

FAQ: S'mores kits

Here are answers to common questions about s'mores kit options for virtual campfires.

What are some good s'mores kit options for virtual campfires?

Some good s’mores kit options for virtual campfires include XO Marshmallows glamped-up s’mores kits, S’moreology, and 1927 s’mores.

Why should you send s'mores kits for Zoom campouts?

You should send s’mores kits for Zoom campouts because these care packages add a tangible element to online events and keep remote guests engaged. Plus, most folks enjoy free food, especially sweet snacks!

How do I DIY a s'mores kit for an online campfire experience?

To DIY s’mores kits for an online campfire experience, first, gather the addresses of your attendees. Next, get graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows and assemble these goodies into attractive packaging. Note that you can also include fun toppings such as peanut butter or pretzels and send tealight candles and matches so that teammates can roast the mallows. Finally, take your parcels to the post office or parcel store and ship the boxes. Be sure to send the kits no later than two weeks before the event, and tell team members not to nibble before the event!

Keep in mind that the logistics, hassle, and cost of coordinating kit delivery can be higher than expected. Often, the easiest option is to partner with a team building event company that will send kits and lead activities on your behalf so that you can enjoy bonding time with your team.

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