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19 Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas for VIP Clients & Customers

You discovered our list of luxury corporate gift ideas.

Luxury corporate gifts are expensive presents that organizations give to important clients, vendors, employees and industry contacts. Generally, these gifts are at least $500 each, and can often be $5000 or more. The purpose of these gifts is to build relationships between the organization and individuals.

These gifts are related to client gifts, employee gifts and corporate party favors, but are more high end.

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Dust off your company credit cards, because here come some impressive presents!

List of luxury corporate gift ideas

From espresso machines to drones to macaron towers, here is a selection of top-tier gifts to woo potential customers and earn your organization lifelong fans.

1. 10-tier Macaron Tower

No cookie says luxury quite like the macaron. These delicate French cookies are the pinnacle of sophistication, and thanks to a complicated baking process, these treats are a splurge in more ways than one. This impressive clear tower is display-ready, easy to assemble, and spectacle-worthy. Each tower contains 220 fresh-baked, master-crafted cookies in flavors such as Honey & Lavender, Bourbon Butter Pecan, and Lemon Fleur de Sel.

Buy the 10-tier Macaron Tower.

2. Montblanc Gold-Coated Classique Fountain Pen

Fountain pens pay homage to class and tradition, plus make great conversation pieces. Recipients are likely to store the pen near an inkwell, and thus less likely to misplace this gift. Montblanc has a reputation for craftsmanship and beauty. The Meisterstück Gold-Coated Classique Fountain Pen has elements of 14-carat gold in its sleek black resin design. Thanks to a piston converter, pen-owners can opt to use ink cartridges in place of liquid ink. Thanks to a complimentary engraving option, you can personalize the pen so that the client thinks of your organization when signing important documents or jotting down revolutionary ideas.

Buy Montblanc Gold-Coated Classique Fountain Pen.

3. Goldbelly 12 Month Subscription

While busy schedules may prevent you from taking your high end clients out to lunch every month, gourmet food subscriptions enable you to regularly send amazing meals to them. A 12 month subscription to online culinary marketplace Goldbelly delivers a curated gift box of the best food in the country to your client. From innovative upstarts to established institutions, some of the best restaurants and bakeries in the country sell dishes on Goldbelly, including famous establishments like Russ & Daughters and Magnolia Bakery. The Goldbelly staff hand-picks exceptional eats to send to subscribers. This gift fosters gratitude upon every delivery, meaning you will be on the client’s mind at least once per month!

Order Goldbelly 12 Month Subscription.

4. Luxe UrbanStems Subscription

Flower subscriptions spread your generosity over a series of months. Recurring gifts are ideal for clients you slowly woo or hope to establish a long term relationship with. UrbanStems has received endorsements from outlets like the New York Times and Oprah Magazine, and won loyal consumer fans with its tasteful and chic displays. The Luxe flower subscription includes a curated vase with each delivery, as well as the best bouquets the flower company offers. Set the frequency of delivery as weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and choose the date of the first gift; UrbanStems will handle the rest.

Order Luxe UrbanStems Subscription.

5. Breville Barista Express

Artisan espresso machines are top quality corporate gifts. The Breville Barista Express earned the title of best espresso machine of 2020 by CNet. In terms of espresso machines, this model falls within the center of the venn diagram for cost, features, and functionality. The machine boasts a built-in grinder mechanism and turns beans into espresso in under one minute. The Barista Express also has a microfoam wand and comes with a milk frothing pitcher. Clients can install the machine at home or in the office, saving time by skipping coffee runs.

Buy the Breville Barista Express.

6. Tiffany Travel Poker Set

This Travel Poker rests inside a leather box in Tiffany & Co’s signature blue hue. Each set contains two decks of cards bearing the Tiffany logo and silver edging, as well as 100 porcelain poker chips and a sterling silver dealer’s button. The box locks and carries easily, meaning recipients can pack the set on trips for impromptu games with travel companions or business partners.

Buy Tiffany Travel Poker Set.

7. Coach Duffle Bag

Speaking of traveling, a Coach Duffle Bag is a sleek piece of luggage that makes the perfect travel accessory for important business trips or exotic vacations. Made from high-grade glovetanned leather, the duffle is TSA-compliant and accommodates padlocks for safety. The inside is fabric-lined and contains easy-access pockets for organization. The bag comes in a choice of black or brown, and the accompanying strap is detachable.

Buy Coach Duffle Bag.

8. Bose Pro Speakers

Bose is famous for the top-line sound quality of its products. The S1 Pro speaker system presents a professional-grade Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a PA system. This feature set means users can play music, plug in a microphone and make announcements, amplify instruments, and use the product for all sound needs. Clients can use the speakers for office functions, personal affairs, or a mix of both. Since the model is lightweight and includes a handle, it is highly portable. The speakers pair with mobile devices via Bluetooth, and play for up to 11 hours before needing recharging.

Buy Bose Pro Speakers.

9. Ralph Lauren Cable Cashmere Throw Blanket

Blankets are cannot-go-wrong gifts, and this Ralph Lauren throw is a home-run. Crafted from 100% cashmere, this blanket comes in a cable knit in over a dozen colors. The throw spans five square feet and is luxuriously comfortable and warm. Custom monogramming is also available, for a personalized touch.

Buy Ralph Lauren Cable Cashmere Throw Blanket.

10. Miroir Ultra Pro Projector

The Miroir Ultra Pro Projector pairs with iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and AppleTV to deliver instant HD projection. The device stows in bags and briefcases for compact and easy travel and runs on a long-lasting LED lamp for ultimate convenience. This projector performs beautifully during presentations, but facilitates fun and simple movie nights too, meaning your client is sure to find multiple uses for the gift.

Buy Miroir Ultra Pro Projector.

11. Our Green House Luxury Baby Gift Basket

Our Green House sells organic, sustainable products aimed at making households more earth-friendly and safer for new arrivals. The Luxury Baby Gift Basket contains a mix of sensitive-skin-friendly baby-clothes, specially-crafted toys, all natural soaps and creams, and other artisanal baby products perfect for new parents. The assortment arrives in a hand-woven basket recipients can repurpose into tasteful storage. Our Green House donates a portion of the profit for each gift basket towards a children’s charity, and includes a note about the donation so that recipients can feel positively about the contribution.

Buy Our Green House Luxury Baby Gift Basket.

12. DJI Mavic Air Drone

Drones are great gift ideas for VIP clients, and the DJI Mavic Air Drone is a model that suits novices and enthusiasts alike. This drone enables aerial photography and videography through high-definition imaging and intelligent shooting functions. The remote controller is quick to master and makes for simple piloting. The durable battery enables the drone to stay in-flight for over half an hour at a time. Plus, a warning system alerts pilots to incoming aircraft to protect the device. Recipients can create exceptional quality marketing materials or home movies using this drone, and curious clients will enjoy exploring the technology.

Buy DJI Mavic Air Drone.

13. GoPro MAX Waterproof Camera

More conventional would-be moviemakers may prefer a high-grade traditional camera to a drone. The GoPro MAX Waterproof Camera is an adventure-friendly, professional-quality camcorder that captures high resolution video in real time. Stabilization features create smooth video, even during bumpy and fast-moving shots. The device comes with four lenses, and also enables 360 degree footage and straight-on views. The camera captures stills and panoramas as well as video, and includes features that convert live video into photos, too.

Buy GoPro MAX Waterproof Camera.

14. Virtual Escape Rooms

One way to really get your VIP clients attention is by gifting an experience they can enjoy with family, friends or colleagues. Virtual escape rooms are a fun option because they can be done online, and are easy to schedule. Prices typically range from $400 to $1200, so the price point is about right for a VIP client.

Here is a list of virtual escape rooms.

15. Virtual Murder Mystery

Another way to gift a luxury experience is with a virtual murder mystery. These games typically revolve around either a historical or fictional murder. Participants follow clues and solve puzzles to uncover the details of the crime. These activities are fun, engaging, and a great way to thank your clients.

Here is a list of virtual murder mystery games.

List of luxury corporate gift companies

The companies below specialize in high-end corporate gifting, enabling you to browse a single website for presents instead of hunting for objects across vast marketplaces.

16. Thomas Lyte

Thomas Lyte is a British company that specializes in silverware, and makes trophies for several professional sporting events. Beyond awards, photo frames, and cufflinks, their shop also offers high caliber leather gifts and stationary as exceptional business gift choices.

Visit Thomas Lyte.

17. Swag.com

Swag.com is a promotional products company that prints company logos on a variety of products. While Swag.com is not exclusively a luxury company, they carry well-regarded brands such as Incase, Anker, Ember, and Apple for a more upscale promotional experience.

Visit Swag.com, or check out more corporate swag suppliers.

18. Simone LeBlanc

Simone LeBlanc is a boutique, curated gift box service that hones in on the aesthetics of assortments. They offer customizable corporate gifting experiences with the ability to hand-pick products and emboss logos on a tasteful wooden box, and also advertise pre-made general gift boxes full of wares like gourmet foods, self-care products, and ceramics.

Visit Simone LeBlanc.

19. Corporategift.com

Corporategift.com provides a vast selection of high caliber products such as gift baskets, food and beverages, tech, luggage, apparel, and home goods. The site sorts gifts into multiple categories such as interest, brand, turnaround time, occasion, and personal value, such as sustainability or domestic manufacturing, enabling you to find what you need quickly. Another convenient option is the e-gifting feature, which emails recipients, eliminating the need for you to know a preferred physical address, and also simplifies the exchange process.

Visit Corporategift.com


While these gifts are an investment, earning the favor of a high-profile client is priceless. Organizations enjoy significant payoffs for netting influential clientele. To prevent your valuable customer base from straying to competitors, perform periodic gestures to show your continued appreciation.

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We also have a list of company care package ideas.

FAQ: Luxury Corporate Gifts

Here are answers to common questions about luxury corporate gifts

What are good luxury corporate gift ideas?

The best high-profile business gifts exhibit class, quality, practicality, and good taste. Some good luxury corporate gift ideas include a Goldbelly 12 Month Subscription, GoPro MAX Waterproof Camera, and Ralph Lauren Cable Cashmere Throw Blanket.

What are luxury corporate gifting companies?

Corporate gifting companies are vendors who specialize in selling high calibre business presents meant to impress professional contacts. These vendors simplify the process of buying high-end business gifts, since they offer a variety of items, thus eliminating the need to order from several different stores when appealing to individual clients’ tastes.

Why is corporate gifting to VIP clients important?

Corporate gifting is one way to express how much you value, appreciate, and respect the stakeholders in your business and industry. Investing thought, time, and resources into a partner present signals that your organization will put effort into the relationship. Also, bestowing gifts creates a psychological connection that compels the recipient to reciprocate. Clientele is more likely to use your company’s services or volunteer their organization’s services for your use when you give cause for gratitude.

What gifts will impress clients?

Gifts that impress clients are innovative, investment-worthy, top-quality products that exhibit style, functionality, and good taste. Many of the top gift suggestions fall into the category of lifestyle products such as homegoods, technology, and gourmet food and beverages. Examples of impressive client gifts include the Tiffany Travel Poker Set, Breville Barista Express, and 10-tier Macaron Tower.

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