Updated: May 11, 2023

17 Best Going Away Gifts for the Workplace

Here is our list of the best going away gifts.

Going away gifts are presents for team members who are moving away or changing jobs. Examples include Moving Away Map, Surprise Cake Explosion Box, and Goodbye & Good Luck Pop-Up Card. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation for coworkers and wish them well in their future endeavors.

These ideas are similar to examples of retirement gift ideas, corporate gifts, and gifts for coworkers.


This list includes:

  • last minute going away gifts
  • personalized going away gifts
  • going away gifts for coworkers
  • coworker farewell gifts

Let’s get started!

List of going away gifts

From a Moving Away Map to Relax Care Package, here are our top going away gift suggestions for coworkers.

1. Give Stories, Not Stuff Gift Box

If you are looking for a unique gift, then we recommend Tinggly Give Stories, Not Stuff Gift Box. The purpose of this gift is to allow recipients to enjoy a unique experience.

After placing your order, your recipient will receive their gift instantly via email or within two to five business days. Once your recipient receives the gift, they can choose a unique experience. Then, giftees can visit the Tinggly website to redeem their gift and book their experience.

Here are just a few experiences available:

  • Educational Amish Experience in Pennsylvania
  • Little Italy Foodie Experience
  • North End Pizza Tour in Boston
  • Subway Art and History Tour
  • Llama/Alpaca Hike and Farm Tour
  • New York City Manhattan Waterfront Circle Line Cruise
  • Key West: Glass-Bottom Boat Sunset Cruise and Reef Experience

Give Stories, Not Stuff is perfect for coworkers who love to travel and explore new places.

Explore the Tinggly Give Stories, Not Stuff Gift Box.

2. The Future is in Our Hands Tree

The Future is in Our Hands Tree is a unique gift that keeps on giving. With each order, Gifts for Good pledges to plant ten trees in a developing country.

This tree-planting kit comes with:

  • Kraft Paper Pouch with Biodegradable Lining
  • Tree Seeds
  • Biodegradable capsule for small seeds
  • Jiffy 7 growing pellet
  • Removable Printed Labels

In addition, the kit comes with instructions on how to plant the tree. On average, each tree takes about two to six weeks to sprout, depending on growing conditions. When placing your order, Gifts for Good selects the best tree seeds for your recipient’s area, such as Red Spruce, Orchid Tree, Western Red Cedar, and Bristlecone Pine.

Learn more about The Future is in Our Hands Tree.

3. Moving Away Map

If your team member is moving to a new state or country, then we recommend a Moving Away Map as one of the best coworker farewell gifts. The purpose of this gift is to provide recipients with a custom map of a location that holds significance. For example, you can highlight your company’s headquarters office or a local restaurant where coworkers often got together.

Positive Prints offers extensive customization options. For instance, you can mark the exact address on your map with a chosen symbol, such as a heart or a star. You can also include a personalized message at the bottom of the print. The best part about ordering this gift is that you can preview your design at each step before placing your order.

You can choose your product in a variety of formats, including a printed poster, framed poster, stretched canvas, or digital file.

Check out the Moving Away Map.

4. Surprise Cake Explosion Box

If you want to give your coworker a pleasant surprise, then we recommend gifting them a Surprise Cake Explosion Box. Each box includes a mini personal cake that is three inches in diameter. Plus, each cake comes in a decorative gift box that explodes with festive decorations, such as confetti, faux butterflies, and faux flowers.

Each gift comes with:

  • Sparkling Birthday Explosion Gift Box
  • Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake
  • Flying Butterfly Surprise
  • Flower Shower

Plus, you can customize your box with different themes, flavors, and photos. The Surprise Cake Explosion Box is a memorable and delicious gift that is perfect for departing coworkers.

Learn more about the Surprise Cake Explosion Box.

5. Professional & Passionate Personalized Sand-Filled Hourglass

One of the best personalized going away gifts is a sand-filled hourglass. An hourglass is a symbol of time’s passing. Gifting your coworker an hourglass is a unique way to show your appreciation for the time they spent at your company.

The Professional & Passionate Personalized Sand-Filled Hourglass measures nine inches tall and three-and-a-half inches in diameter. The hourglass contains white sand, which runs through the hourglass for approximately one hour. Plus, your order comes in a satin-lined gift box, ready to gift immediately.

If you want to personalize your gift, then you can add your recipient’s name on the front underneath the featured quote. This hourglass is a meaningful gift and a fun decoration for your recipient’s home or office.

Check out the Professional & Passionate Personalized Sand-Filled Hourglass.

6. Appreciation Plant Cube

If you want to show appreciation for your departing coworker, then we recommend the Appreciation Plant Cube. This plant cube comes with thyme seeds, a peat pellet, and a natural pine wood box with a plastic insert to protect the wood from water damage.

To use the plant cube, recipients can use the following instructions:

  1. Place the soil disk in the planter.
  2. Add three to four tablespoons of water.
  3. Wait for the soil to expand completely.
  4. Add seeds and cover lightly.
  5. Place the plant in a sunny area.
  6. Keep the plant moist.

This plant cube is a fun and productive way for your recipient to get in touch with nature while enjoying a unique gift.

Check out the Appreciation Plant Cube.

7. Goodbye Playing Cards

A Goodbye Playing Card deck is a unique gift that most recipients will surely enjoy. As part of this gift, you can customize a complete set of playing cards with photos, text, or designs. For example, you can add pictures of your coworker or their name to the deck.

Each deck comes with 52 playing cards and two joker cards. These playing cards are smooth to the touch and easy to shuffle, making them perfect for poker games.

Learn more about the Goodbye Playing Cards.

8. Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Lavender-Scented Candle

Candles are an ideal gift that can help recipients get into a relaxing mood. This lavender-scented candle is the perfect option for departing coworkers because it has a funny message printed on the front that reads, “Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Us!”

This lavender-scented candle contains 100% natural soy wax and a cotton wick. Additionally, the candle has a 50-hour burn time and comes in a cute and reusable brown glass. This farewell gift will surely make your coworker smile and laugh.

Check out the Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Lavender-Scented Candle.

9. Moving Away Survival Kit Mug

The Moving Away Survival Kit Mug is the perfect gift for a team member who is moving to a new area or job. This mug comes in different sizes with a choice of 11 or 15 ounces. You can also choose from different styles, such as a white or a color-changing cup.

This mug has a moving away survival kit printed on the front, perfect for coworkers moving to a new area. Plus, you can personalize the mug by adding your teammate’s name to the bottom.

The Moving Away Survival Kit Mug is high-quality ceramic. The mug is also microwave and dishwasher safe, making it highly versatile and durable.

Check out the Moving Away Survival Kit Mug.

10. We’ll Miss You Gift Box

One of the best going away gifts for coworkers is a We’ll Miss You Gift Box. This gift box comes with a variety of items to remind your coworker of their caring teammates.

This gift box includes:

  • Choice of drinkware: 15-ounce coffee mug, wine tumbler, full skinny tumbler, or skinny drink cooler
  • Eight-ounce large tin candle
  • Matches
  • One large scented bath bomb

Each gift box includes a meaningful quote printed on the front that reads, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Each box is filled with shredded paper and tissue paper and sealed with a sticker.

When placing your order, you can customize the gift box to add a personalized note for the recipient to see when they open it.

Learn more about the We’ll Miss You Gift Box.

11. Hidden Message Curved Skinny Bar Personalized Bracelet

The Hidden Message Curved Skinny Bar Personalized Bracelet is a unique gift for departing coworkers. This bracelet includes a 38-millimeter bar where you can engrave a personalized message to your recipient. For example, you can engrave your coworker’s name or the year they joined your company.

This personalized bracelet is available in a variety of styles, including silver plated, rose gold plated, or champagne gold plated. You can also customize your message with a choice of engraving fonts, such as classic or contemporary. The chain length for each bracelet is adjustable up to 22 centimeters.

Each bracelet comes in a luxury ribbon-tied gift box, making this gift extremely meaningful and unique.

Check out the Hidden Message Curved Skinny Bar Personalized Bracelet.

12. Heart Keepsake Box

One of the most sentimental gifts is a Heart Keepsake Box. This box is earthenware clay. Plus, each order arrives in a signature gift box with an elegant silver seal, which adds the perfect finishing touch.

Each gift box has a meaningful quote printed on the front that reads, “You may no longer be by my side but you will forever be in my heart.” The inside of the box also has a heartfelt message that reads, “You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.” You can also personalize the gift box by adding custom text inside, such as your recipient’s name.

Check out the Heart Keepsake Box.

13. These People Are Going to Miss You Frame

If you are looking for a personal and meaningful gift, then you cannot go wrong with a handcrafted photo frame. This picture frame features a meaningful quote that reads, “These These People Are Going to Miss You Like Crazy.” Underneath the quote, you will find a handmade string twine heart, which adds the perfect finishing touch.

This frame measures 11.6 by 7.7 inches, holding a four-by-six-inch photograph on the right-hand side of the frame. Plus, the frame includes easel and wall mount hooks on the book for easy displaying. This gift is perfect for departing coworkers, whether they are moving away, retiring, or leaving for a new job.

Learn more about the These People Are Going to Miss You Frame.

14. Personalized Small Frosted Tabletop Light

A tabletop lamp is one of the most useful personalized going away gifts. The Personalized Small Frosted Tabletop Light is imported frosted glass. You can personalize the lamp with any message in your choice of font style, color, and accent graphic. For example, you can write, “Thanks for bringing positivity and light to each workday.”

This lamp is ideal for tabletops and small spaces. Plus, each order comes with a 64-inch cord, making it easy to plug the lamp into most outlets. Additionally, three extra light bulbs and two extra fuses come with all orders.

Explore the Personalized Small Frosted Tabletop Light.

15. Never Forget the Difference You Have Made Ornament

The Never Forget the Difference You Have Made Ornament is the perfect gift to show your appreciation for departing coworkers. The ornament features a heartfelt message that reads, “Never forget the difference you have made and the lives you have touched. Thank you for your great worth.” The message is printed with a clear and colorful font that does not fade.

This ornament’s high-quality ceramic comes in a unique heart shape. The gold ribbon at the top of the ornament makes it easy to hang anywhere, such as a car mirror, doorknob, or Christmas tree.

Check out the Never Forget the Difference You Have Made Ornament.

16. Relax Care Package

The Relax Care Package is a meaningful gift that recipients will surely enjoy. From candles to bath bombs, this gift box has all the spa essentials.

The Relax Care Package comes with:

  • Stress Relief Essential Oil Roll On
  • Pinch Me Zen Therapy Dough
  • LivKind Lavender Bath Bombs
  • Mindful Gifts Relax Candle
  • Lavender Eye Pillow
  • Mindful Gifts Kindness Tote bag made with organic cotton

The tote bag features an inspiring quote that reads, “Be kind to yourself and then let your kindness fill the world.” The Relax Care Package is the perfect way to send peace and serenity to your recipient.

Explore the Relax Care Package and check out more employee care packages.

17. Goodbye & Good Luck Pop-Up Card

If you need last minute going away gifts, then a Goodbye & Good Luck Pop-Up Card is a good choice. This card looks like a traditional greeting card on the outside. After opening the card, however, recipients will see a pop-up message that reads, “Goodbye and good luck.” Each card comes with a blank envelope. This pop-up card measures five inches wide by seven inches tall.

When placing your order, you can choose a blank card where you can handwrite a message. Alternatively, you can customize your card by adding a custom message, photo, or gift card. Both options allow you to give your coworker a unique and meaningful gift.

Check out the Goodbye & Good Luck Pop-Up Card.


Going away gifts are a great way to show coworkers your appreciation for their hard work. Whether your teammate is moving to a new job or retiring, a gift can show them the value they have on your team. We suggest giving presents that are both functional and sentimental. For example, a framed photograph can allow your teammate to cherish their time at your company while also serving as decor for their home. If you want to make a positive impact, then be sure to choose a gift that aligns with your coworker’s interests and passions.

Next, check out gifts for new employees, get-well gifts, and office gift ideas. You can also explore our lists of office gift exchange ideas and farewell party ideas.

FAQ: Going away gifts

Here are answers to common questions about going away gifts.

What are going away gifts?

Going away gifts are presents to give coworkers when they leave your company. These gifts should be meaningful and show appreciation and thanks to coworkers. You might gift these items to employees if they move to a new state, get a new job, or retire.

What are the best going away gifts?

The best going away gifts show team members how much you value their contributions.

For example, going away gifts can include:

  • Give Stories, Not Stuff Gift Box
  • These People Are Going to Miss You Frame
  • We’ll Miss You Gift Box
  • Moving Away Map
  • Future is in Our Hands Tree
  • Never Forget the Difference You Have Made Ornament
  • Goodbye & Good Luck Pop-Up Card

These gifts help foster a positive team culture while thanking employees for their years of service.

How do you choose a going away gift?

Choosing a gift for your coworker can be challenging. Before buying your gift, we suggest thinking about your recipient. Consider this coworker’s interests, hobbies, and skills for the ideal gift. For example, if your teammate enjoys working out and fitness, then you can gift them a reusable water bottle.

Considering your recipient’s interests will help you choose a meaningful and impactful going away gift.

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