Updated: September 27, 2022

30 Best Executive Assistant Tools for Work in 2023

You found our list of the best executive assistant tools.

Executive assistant tools are apps and programs that help EA’s perform the critical functions of their jobs. Examples of these tools include scheduling apps like Calendly and project management software like Trello. The purpose of these tools is to save virtual assistants time and effort by automating simple tasks.

Technological savvy is one important skill for executive assistants. Assistants can also improve by reading executive assistant books.

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List of executive assistant tools

From mailing apps to travel planners to calendar tools, here is a list of helpful technology for high-level executive assistants.

1. Call Please

The Call Please app is one of the best apps for executive assistants. The platform offers a consolidated, cloud-based call log that helps assistants organize communications. Call Please’s portal is a centralized location for call history, contact information, and recorded messages, and is searchable. Users can label calls and schedule reminders for callbacks, as well as assign phone tasks to team members. Call Please also offers call routing.

Learn about Call Please.

2. Lola.com

Lola.com is a travel management program ideal for business trips. Through an online dashboard, assistants can view multiple team members’ travel plans in real time and respond quickly to changes or emergencies. The platform offers 24/7 customer support with experienced travel advisors. Lola.com also includes budgetary tools to track departmental expenses, and allows administrators to assign corporate cards to employees. This program provides a centralized hub for corporate travel, helping assistants manage travel arrangements from booking to bookkeeping.

Learn more about Lola.com.

3. Expensify

Expensify is an online business expense management system. Using a mobile app, employees can upload pictures of receipts and automatically log mileage via GPS. The software also supports the direct imports of receipts from apps like Uber and HotelTonight. Expensify will alert users to any missing items or repayment hurdles, and can administer reimbursements as soon as the day after submission. Administrators can set rules and allowances for individual teammates. Expensify simplifies the accounting and month end closing processes, and streamlines business expenditures into one central portal. The app also hosts handy reporting features, making it one of the most useful executive assistant tools.

Learn more about Expensify.

5. monday.com

monday.com is a project management platform that serves as a central repository for remote teams. The software is very visual, and assistants can get information in a glance. Monday.com’s dashboards consist of charts and boards with team tasks and metrics. Assistants can assign tasks, monitor progress, and exchange information seamlessly, all from a centralized repository. Plus, monday.com also has customer relationship management functionality, making it easy to notate reminders and important details about key clients or important prospects.

Learn more about monday.com, and check out our full list of project management tools.

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the gold standard for time management and scheduling tools. Assistants can send event invites to individuals both inside and outside of their organizations. Invitees can add the events to their calendar with a simple click of the button. Professionals can instantly share their schedules with assistants, and assistants cand display different calendars simultaneously for easier scheduling and meeting management. Google Calendar is part of the GSuite, and syncs up effortlessly with remote work tools like Gmail and Google Drive. Plus, it is familiar to most folks and easy to navigate for beginners.

Learn more about Google Calendar.

6. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app compatible with most computers and mobile devices. The platform supports multiple media formats including texts, images, and audio. Assistants can store, organize, archive, and retrieve memos in an easily accessible and searchable location. Evernote also supports document scanning and has a web-clipper that saves web pages sans ads. The app has collaborative capabilities that allow teams to access uploaded information, and also integrates with apps like Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Learn more about Evernote.

7. Calendly

Calendly is one of the best personal assistant tools. This program is a calendar management application meant to simplify the meeting scheduling process. To use the app, set availability preferences and share your link. Calendly displays a list of convenient time slots and automatically sets up a meeting when visitors make a selection. Executive assistants can use the app to set up conferences, virtual one on one meetings, interviews, or even personal appointments. Calendy supports multiple meeting formats, automatically syncs time zones, caps daily meeting limits, and sets minimum scheduling notices to avoid last-minute meetings.

Learn more about Calendly.

8. ezcater

ezcater is a corporate catering platform. By using this website, assistants can find and order from caterers and restaurants across the US. The service makes it easy to facilitate mass catering for events like meetings, retreats, and parties. Users can also order individual meals, meaning assistants can coordinate box lunches or virtual holiday party treats for distributed employees.

Learn more about ezcater.

9. Boomerang for email

Not to be confused with the Instagram Boomerang app, Boomerang for email permits assistants to schedule emails for future delivery with a simple one-click process. It also sends reminders to follow-up if the recipient does not respond. The app also includes a meeting scheduling tool, read receipts, and an inbox pause feature that delays the delivery of messages. Plus, it offers a handy AI assistant to help craft the perfect emails. Boomerang is available in Gmail, Outlook, and mobile versions.

Learn more about Boomerang.

10. Clockify

Clockify is a free time tracker for teams. Executive assistants can use the tool to arrange and monitor projects. Highlights include the ability to assign tasks, label and search entries, monitor individual and team projects, and generate reports. Timesheet tools make it easy to manage payroll and budget. The software’s visual dashboard display helps assistants get updates at a glance. Plus, Clockify hosts a robust calendar feature and integrations with platforms like Basecamp, Trello, and the G-suite, helping assistants stay more seamlessly organized.

Learn more about Clockify, and check out our full list of time tracking software.

11. Motivosity

Motivosity is an all-in-one employee engagement platform that performs many helpful functions. Executive assistants can use the tool to set up meetings, send out surveys, and facilitate feedback. The software also has tools to help team members connect, such as peer appreciation shoutouts, a social feed of announcements and highlights, and personality profiles that match up similar staff. The platform also hosts recognition features such as milestone reminders, awards and badges, spot bonuses, and rewards like gift cards. Motivosity is a one-stop-shop for assistants tasked with tending to a team or organization’s internal culture.

Learn more about Motivosity, and check out our full list of employee engagement software.

12. Grammarly

Any written communications that leave a personal assistant’s desk or inbox should be grammatically correct. Errors appear unprofessional, especially when the memos containing them go out to high-ranking officials, or entire organizations. Grammarly is a digital writing assistance tool that checks texts and offers suggestions. The software catches spelling and grammar errors, and also makes style and tone suggestions that makes writing stronger, clearer, and more concise. Grammarly has integrations across multiple communication mediums like email, social media, and word processing apps, helping assistants to sound professional on any channel.

Learn more about Grammarly.

13. Zoom

Given the rise and acceleration of globalization and remote work, it is critical that executive assistants understand the intricacies of Zoom. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom permit professionals to meet face-to-face without traveling to an in-person meeting. Online meetings are unlikely to disappear any time soon, and it is important for assistants to understand digital meeting etiquette and software basics.

At minimum, assistants should understand how to schedule and start Zoom meetings and how to screen share. Knowing how to record proceedings and use breakout rooms is helpful too. In the event of technical issues, it is likely that executives will rely on assistants to troubleshoot. Virtual assistants should know how to mute and unmute microphones, help participants reconnect or connect on another device, and walk participants through how to use software features.

Learn more about Zoom, and check out our full list of virtual meeting software.

14. Hubstaff

Managers typically use employee monitoring software to ensure that employees stay on task and on deadline. However, assistants can also use these tools as a way to gather information from their bosses or colleagues without interrupting workflows. When colleagues or business partners call looking for updates, assistants can reference the program and respond accordingly.

Hubstaff includes time and project tracking tools, as well as payroll, invoicing and budgeting abilities, as well as GPS tracking. The platform is a powerful resource for assistants looking for an easy way to keep tabs on the team.

Learn more about Hubstaff, and check out our full list of employee monitoring software.

15. Dropbox

Dropbox is one one of the best executive assistant tools. Filing and record-keeping is a large part of an assistant’s role, and Dropbox makes it easy to share and store information. The software is a cloud-based storage system accessible from multiple locations. File syncing technology makes changes in real time, enabling team members to instantly share the most accurate information. Admins can delegate file privileges and restrict access to sensitive documents to better protect data. Plus, Dropbox can function as a backup system, storing copies of important files in case of inadvertent destruction or loss.

Learn more about Dropbox.

16. Visme

Visme is a design tool that makes it easy to build attractive reports, presentations, and infographics. The platform hosts hundreds of pre-made templates users can edit and customize to quickly build polished presentations. Visme has tools to build charts and graphs, as well as the ability to add videos and GIFs into templates. Publishing and sharing finished projects is a seamless experience. Visme is a valuable resource for creating visually appealing and impressive business materials that grab audience attention. Not to mention, the software’s free version is extensive!

Learn more about Visme.

17. Slack

Slack is one of the most essential online collaboration tools. This communication platform facilitates instant communication between dispersed teammates. Colleagues can message each other via channels, threads, mentions, and direct messages. Slack makes online collaboration immediate and saves executive assistants the hassle of having to corral team members via endless emails.

Learn more about Slack, and check out our list of apps for Slack.

18. Todoist

Todoist is a task management system that functions like a high-tech to do list. Assistants can assign tasks to themselves or team members, set priority levels, and send reminders. The program makes status updates as easy as sharing the list. Other notable features include sublists, team and individual inboxes, calendar tools, and productivity visualization. Todoist also praises uses for completing tasks and achieving goals, offering motivation and recognition to staff.

Learn more about Todoist, and check out more task management software and remote work platforms.

19. eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet is a document management software that helps assistants store and search documents. The secure cloud-based platform enables users to access and share files via desktop or mobile devices. eFileCabinet has automated data entry capabilities that permit users to mass-upload information with reduced oversight and errors, and programmable workflows that speed up office procedures. Plus, the software also includes an e-signature option.

Learn more about eFileCabinet.

20. Ship.com

Ship.com bills itself as “a virtual post office that fits in the palm of your hand.” The app syncs with email to streamline the package tracking process. The software displays the status of pending packages from multiple senders, provides real-time updates, and allows users to notify third parties of delivery. Ship.com also facilitates the mailing process, permitting users to schedule package pick-ups at their current locations. Plus, users can send parcels to other Ship.com members without knowing exact addresses by using the ShipTag feature.

Learn more about Ship.com.

21. Mailbook

Mailbook is a secure online address book app. Assistants can easily gather contact data by sending acquaintances a link to a secure form to fill out. Or, users can manually add information such as names, titles, email addresses, and shipping addresses. Mailbook makes it easy to export addresses to a spreadsheet, or to print labels via word processing software.

Learn more about Mailbook.

22. Trello

Trello is a project organization platform that can double as a time management and organization tool. The program’s Kanban board layout can act as a movable to-do list. Assistants can also add attachments, checklists, labels and due dates to cards, making it easier to organize and manage projects and tasks. Using Trello is one of the best executive assistant hacks, since the free version of the software has enough basic features to function as a stellar personal organizer.

Learn more about Trello.

23. Executive Assistant Network

The Executive Assistant Network is a professional organization for EA’s and personal assistants. Though based in Australia, the group has an International membership option, along with associate and full member options for AU citizens. All membership tiers have access to newsletters, event calendars, special offers, useful links, and supplier directories. Paid members also gain entry to chat rooms and networking events, templates, conference papers, videos, and other useful resources.

Learn more about the Executive Assistant Network.

24. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is an app that transforms smartphones or tablets into makeshift scanners. The program uses mobile device cameras to capture images in high resolution formats. The software enables users to convert the photos into JPG or PDF formats and share the files via email or direct upload to cloud storage. Tiny Scanner is a happy medium between owning scanner hardware and sending mobile photos.

Download Tiny Scanner from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

25. Quip

Quip is a real time collaboration software that allows remote teammates to work on spreadsheets and documents together simultaneously. The platform also includes direct messaging and chat features. Quip includes business templates including meeting notes and agendas that assistants can complete and share seamlessly. The software is part of the Salesforce suite, and also can connect with apps like Slack, box, and Jira.

Learn more about Quip.

26. Otter.ai

Otter.ai is a speech to text translation app assistants can use to transcribe audio notes from meetings. The program converts sound to text within minutes, and the notes are searchable and shareable. The technology even has speaker ID to identify and distinguish between talkers. Plus, Otter.ai is compatible with platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Dropbox.

Learn more about Otter.ai.

27. Office Supply Ordering Form

Remote assistants often still facilitate the supply ordering process for virtual workplaces. This office supply ordering form from JotForm is one of the best executive assistant templates. EA’s can customize the template to include most commonly used supplies, then send the form to the staff to complete. The order sheet has space for names, emails, and addresses as well as items with quantities. This simple system streamlines the purchasing process and makes it easier for assistants to keep record of orders and manage budget. Plus, JotForm also features other hand order form templates assistants can use.

Download this Office Supply Ordering Form.

28. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting software that can help assistants manage bookkeeping and budgeting duties. The software suite includes income-tracking, purchase history, and expense filing tools, as well as reporting features. The program also has time-tracking capabilities, meaning dispersed teammates can quickly submit time sheets for EA approval.

Learn more about QuickBooks, and check out more payroll tools on our list of HR platforms.

29. LastPass

LastPass is an online password manager that securely stores login information. The service can help executive assistants safely keep track of passwords to dozens of accounts. The program can auto-fill in logins with the click of a button, saving time and the hassle of looking up details. Plus, assistants with administrative permissions can grant login access to other employees without revealing the passwords to those teammates.

Learn more about LastPass.

30. Social Media

The best executive assistants make connections and cultivate relationships that build a strong network of helpers. Social media is an invaluable tool in this regard, particularly sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

These platforms can provide a direct line of communication to folks who may not respond to cold calls or emails. However, the trick is not to connect and then immediately ask for favors. The account is more likely to respond if the assistant follows the page and engages with and re-shares posts for some time before reaching out.

For example, assistants might interact with a city committee’s account and pitch an organizational partnership, or show love to an event venue in hopes of one day securing game tickets for the boss. The EA can also use social media to promote the company, or to research up-to-date business information and events. Plus, many brands use social media for customer service purposes, meaning these platforms serve as one more method of fixing issues.


Great executive assistants have toolkits that help them master the art of multitasking. Virtual assistants often do not operate in the same spaces as their executives or teams, making gadgets, software, and services even more essential to daily duties. These helpful hacks save time and streamline processes, freeing up assistants to focus their energy on productive ventures.

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FAQ: Executive assistant tools

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about executive assistant tools.

What are executive assistant tools?

Executive assistant tools are software, websites, and technology that perform or assist with routine EA responsibilities. Examples include document management software, scheduling tools, and calendar apps. The intent of these tools is to save time and help assistants stay organized.

What are the best executive assistant tools?

The best executive assistant tools include Calendly, monday.com, Boomerang, Expensify, and Lola.com.

Why should executive assistants use technology?

Executive assistants should use technology because online tools can reduce errors and improve productivity. Using software and online services frees up time and energy that assistants can use to better support their organizations.

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