Updated: August 15, 2023

8 Conference Welcome Letter Examples

You found our list of conference welcome letter examples.

Conference welcome letters are written communications that greet your guests and inform them of what your conference includes. The purpose of these letters is to provide friendly greetings and share important facts about the event. Examples of conference welcome letters include notes to workshop participants, messages for conference brochures, and words of appreciation to conference speakers.

Conference welcome letter examples are similar to opening and closing remarks for meetings, virtual conference ideas, and conference agenda templates. You can refer to conference welcome letter examples when preparing for events at team building resorts and team building camps to let attendees know what their stay includes. These letters are also a considerate way to inform groups of agendas at corporate retreat locations and venues.

This list includes:

  • welcome letter to workshop participants
  • welcome letter for a women’s conference
  • virtual conference welcome letter
  • conference welcome letter from the president
  • welcome message for conference brochure
  • welcome letter for conference speakers
  • welcome letter for seminar guests

Here we go!

1. Welcome letter to workshop participants

Dear attendees:

Thank you for your participation in our workshop. We appreciate having you in attendance and look forward to working with you. In addition to introductory keynote speakers, we have also set aside time for informal icebreaker sessions to help us understand your goals and help you achieve them.

Our agenda includes several days of demonstrations followed by hands-on practice of the methods shown. This arrangement will allow you to observe our process and ask questions during each phase. Because we all learn at our own pace, we have allotted extra time for moments when deep discussions arise. We find that we learn as much as our audience in these moments. This exchange is a valuable tool in helping us refine our materials to present better workshops in the future.

After each day’s activity closes, we will retreat to the onsite cantina for a relaxing evening of dinner, drinks, and conversation. Though attendance is not mandatory, we encourage you to drop in and enjoy some locally sourced dishes and craft cocktails with your fellow attendees. The setting is ripe for creating important new connections and discovering what you have in common with others in the group.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our process.



2. Welcome letter for a women’s conference

Hello, honored guests and esteemed colleagues!

As the coordinator of our inaugural conference, I am pleased to welcome you to what we hope will become an annual tradition. Our mission is to provide all in attendance with the most informative and entertaining experience possible. To achieve this goal, we have assembled a roster of authoritative speakers who represent the best and brightest in their fields. These women have committed to elevating our knowledge to help us reach our full potential. We are grateful to have them with us for the week!

Our schedule includes exciting keynote speakers and presentations from a long list of organizations. Their willingness to share their knowledge and experience makes this event possible. We could not have put this conference together without their participation, and we are incredibly grateful for their support. For a rundown of what the week holds, please refer to the attached calendar. We have left time between sessions for interaction and follow-up with our experts. Please do not hesitate to make contact after their presentations.

We have provided refreshment stations throughout the main room. Payment for these snacks and drinks is part of your admission, so stop by and help yourselves. We have also created a merchandise fair with vendor tables featuring merchants from around the country. Each station features a small business owned and operated by women. We feel these businesses should share our opportunity to reach such a vibrant audience. Please be sure to visit their displays and learn about their wonderful enterprises.

I speak for the team when I say we cannot wait to see you!



3. Virtual conference welcome letter

Greetings, digital nomads and online warriors!

We are over the moon to share our virtual conference with such an enthusiastic audience. After months of planning, coordinating, and strategizing, we are ready to launch this rocket and head for the stars. We could not be happier to have you along for the ride!

As part of our efforts to create authentic connections in a virtual world, we have invited experts in the field of remote work to inform and enlighten our team as well as you, our guests. We are navigating new circumstances, which means we have lessons to learn and wisdom to gain!

We understand that attending a virtual conference means a great deal of sitting. We encourage you to take movement breaks, stand up and walk around your space while listening to our speakers, and even try a little yoga during these sessions. To keep you energized, we have sent snack packs filled with healthy treats for you to indulge in, a small token of our appreciation. Everyone on this email chain should have also received a T-shirt with a QR code included. We encourage you to wear your shirts on Wednesday morning. We will scan those codes and hand out prizes based on the sites each link leads to. We are all about the swag around here!

Last, we would like to call out the tech team and their heroic work in creating the connections necessary for this conference. Without them, we would just be screen hawks sitting in our separate spaces, watching the “loading” icon spins hypnotically. It would not be the worst way to spend the week, but we are grateful that we can do better thanks to these fantastic folks!

We are eager to see you all on day one!



4. Conference welcome letter from the president

Attendees, guests, and colleagues—welcome!

Thank you for joining our team for this incredible opportunity to learn and share from some of our industry’s superstars. The coordinators responsible for putting this event together have outdone themselves. As president of our organization, I extend my sincerest gratitude to the crew for investing their energy and creativity to provide a top-notch event for us to enjoy.

Leadership is a challenging yet rewarding subject for anyone who takes on the task. I understand this concept on a very personal level. Our intention with this conference is to help those who are new to leadership positions navigate the winding road toward success. Having a team you can depend on is a crucial aspect of the role we have taken on. Our hope is that by the end of our conference, you will consider us as part of your team. During this event, we encourage you to make contacts and forge connections that will reinforce your feeling of inclusion. If I can be of any assistance in this endeavor, then please feel free to reach out.

Our agenda features expert advice and cutting-edge research that helps us better understand the dynamics of leadership. Though successful leadership comes in many forms and through various techniques, certain key features define and underlie our responsibilities. For example, promoting diversity, acknowledging struggle among your workers, and fostering a climate of encouragement and healthy exchange are foundational for becoming an effective leader. Our intention is for you to find this conference helpful in moving you toward your ideals in your leadership duties.

Please refer to the attached calendar for a listing of all events. Lunch and dinner are our treat on each day of the conference.



5. Welcome message for conference brochure

Welcome to our annual conference, a gathering where the shining minds of our industry assemble to share what they have learned since we last met. If it is your first time attending, then thank you for stepping into our world! If you are a returning guest, then thank you for coming back! Whether you are attending for the first or the fifteenth, we treasure your trust in what we have to offer. We promise to make it worth your while.

As in years past, we have put together an energetic collection of seminars, speeches, and workshops to whet your appetite for learning. Our guest list and speaking schedule appear on the final page of this brochure. Please take a look and circle the sessions that interest you most. Many of our speakers will appear more than once during your time here. If you miss the first appearance due to scheduling conflicts, then be sure to catch them the second time around.

You can find a map of our event space on the front interior of this packet. We have swag tables scattered throughout the hall. Stop by and take a look! We also have snack and drink stations to keep you hydrated and energized. You can locate social media tables around the space to help you share your experience with your audiences. If you cannot find your desired display during the conference, signaling one of our docents will ensure you have personal guidance. You can look for the neon green hats to find these helpful attendants.

Our social media details appear below. Please feel free to connect with us to learn more as the event unfolds.

Thank you again, and welcome!


6. Welcome letter for conference speakers

Good morning!

We would like to warmly welcome our esteemed speakers and presenters for this year’s conference. You are a pivotal part of our success with this event every year. With your support and input, we have taken this occasion from a modest affair with a roomful of attendees to one of the most anticipated events in the city. Our gratitude is overwhelming. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

As members of our event staff, we would like to invite you to join in on the amenities enjoyed by our core team. In your rooms, you will find a welcome package filled with gifts and gadgets to make your stay more enjoyable. We have included gift cards for onsite services such as spa treatments and luxury meals at the facility’s many restaurants. Please put these treats to good use during your stay. In addition to being staff members, you are also our treasured guests. Your enjoyment of our time together is important to us.

Before the event kickoff, we will assemble at the multipurpose room on the first floor for a meet and greet. Catering services will provide continental breakfast and beverages for the occasion. Our facilitator will open the morning with a few quick announcements, after which you will be free to mingle and enjoy some together time with your colleagues. For some of you, this event will be a first-time meeting. It thrills us to provide this moment for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



7. Welcome letter for seminar guests

Hello, and welcome to what we hope will be a pinnacle event!

Many of you have traveled from far-off locales to be with us for this occasion. We would like to extend our sincere thanks for taking the time and trouble to attend. We also have many local attendees who have shuffled their schedules to make space for us. A gracious and hearty “Thank you!” to you as well for prioritizing our seminar. We will do our best to ensure we reward your efforts.

For this year’s schedule, we have rounded up a slate of luminary figures from the world of HR, psychology, education, and business to shed light on what can be a difficult topic to define. Fortunately, our dream team agreed to attend and share their wisdom. The agenda focuses on keynote presentations for the entire audience to enjoy as well as smaller sessions with more one-on-one opportunities. The link at the bottom of this email will take you to a scheduling page. Please take advantage and reserve your spots in the meetings that interest you most.

Entertainment at this year’s event is some of the best we have ever arranged. Our mini-music fest includes a mainstage with three national bands performing, plus two side stages highlighting some of the best local talent in the state. The cafeteria is a full-service affair for all guests to enjoy, free of charge. Drop in and grab something to eat or drink whenever you feel the urge. You will find the schedule for each day’s dinner arrangements below. We hope you will join us, but we understand if you have other plans in mind. If you have questions or concerns about anything, please do not hesitate to reach out at one of our information tables around the premises.

So glad you could be here!


8. Welcome letter for corporate event

Thank you for attending our event!

As many of you know, this occasion is a peak experience for our organization. We work tirelessly throughout the year to assemble a conference worthy of your time and expense. Though we aim to make the week enjoyable, we take the responsibility of bringing you a world-class experience very seriously. With this in mind, we have put together what we think is our most impressive affair yet. We hope you agree!

In researching this year’s theme, we discovered the best way to deliver crucial information for an event this ambitious is with multimedia presentations. To accommodate our largest-ever crowd, we have set up several overflow rooms with screens and sound systems. If you cannot find a seat in the main hall, please find seating in one of these rooms instead. We promise you will not miss out on anything. You may even find it easier to absorb the content in these rooms’ relaxed environments.

You will find our agenda listed in the document attached to this email. This listing details daily happenings and provides locations and times for each item. Please peruse the pages at your leisure. We have factored in plenty of breaks between headline presenters to allow you to recharge and get to know your fellow conferencegoers. A second attachment lists food and drink services along with other amenities you will find on the premises. These features are for you to enjoy. Please take advantage of them during your time with us.

If you need more information about anything during the event, our communications team covers our social media feeds around the clock.

We look forward to meeting up with as many of you as possible!




Because you may not be able to greet every guest personally, a conference welcome letter is a thoughtful way to reach out to your attendees. These messages will likely be your first point of contact with your guests. You can use your letter to share highlights and alert invitees to what they can expect during the event. By including a note expressing your gratitude, your welcome letter can also serve as a thank-you note.

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FAQ: Conference welcome letters

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about conference welcome letters.

What is the purpose of conference welcome letters?

The purpose of conference welcome letters is to greet attendees and inform them of the agenda for your event.

How do you write a good conference welcome letter?

To write a good conference letter, begin with a warm but professional greeting that states the conference’s purpose. You can include details about upcoming events and share the schedule while introducing your guests and explaining the topics they will cover. You can also describe any activities or opportunities outside the agenda, such as dinners, social gatherings, or recreational events.

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