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Company Swag Ideas for Employees: 22 BEST Items in 2023

You found our list of the best company swag ideas for employees.

Company swag ideas are branded items to give to employees that promote the organization. Example items include wireless chargers, plant pots, and yoga mats. The purpose of these gifts is to boost company pride and promote solidarity among staff. This gear is also known as “swag items”, “corporate swag”, “business swag” and “team swag.”

These items can be purchased from corporate swag companies and are similar to swag bag ideas and employee gifts. You can see more company pride ideas.

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Here we go!

List of company swag ideas

From statement clothing to eco-friendly accessories, here is a list of the best corporate swag ideas to delight staff and show employee appreciation.

1. Cheese Boards

Ideal for: Foodies, entertainers, gourmands

The best item of promotional swag I ever received from an employer was a branded cheese board. The company the gift came from dealt with restaurants and most of the staff were dedicated foodies, so this was an especially on-theme and thoughtful gift.

Cheese boards are one of the coolest new branded items for employees. Charcuterie is very trendy, and cheese boards are handy for every occasion from dinner parties to midday snacks. This gift is useful yet unique, and a simple wood-etched logo is a way to give a nod to the company without being too obvious that the product is branded.

2. Statement Clothing

Ideal for: Fashionistas, trendsetters, loud personalities

The most sought-after piece of swag in the TeamBuilding universe is a hot pink beanie. While only a select few of our staff might choose a fluorescent neon hat unprompted, our team members flaunt this eye-catching accessory with pride.

Any company can slap a logo on a T-shirt, but out-of-the-ordinary apparel enables employees to match each other while adding a sense of excitement to their wardrobes. A statement piece screams, “I’m part of this group, but this group is one of a kind.” The unusual clothing choice gives the team a club-like sense of identity, ala “we’re the ones with the obnoxious pink hats and/or the ‘museums are f*cking awesome’ shirts.”

Not to mention, flashy apparel is more likely to stick out to passersby in public. People are more likely to remember your company’s name when it is spelled out in sequins on a crop top.

Other examples of this trend might include suspenders, funny hats, shaped sunglasses, or shirts printed with a company meme.

3. Pet Accessories

Ideal for: Animal lovers, pet parents, anyone who has more four-legged friends than two-legged ones

Your coworkers’ pets crash enough Zoom calls that they are practically already employees. You might as well officially welcome these tail-waggers into the workplace by sending swag.

Sending branded pet accessories sends the signal that the company is animal-friendly and cares about employees’ families, fuzzy members included. Plus, pets tend to be ruff on their belongings, and having a spare stuffed animal or water bowl handy is helpful for pet owners.

Examples of pet swag include:

  • Collapsible bowls
  • Collars, leashes, and bandanas
  • Tennis balls
  • Frisbees and chew toys
  • Waste bag holders
  • Animal tees or sweaters

Besides, maybe if you get Mrs. Mittens a branded litter scooper, she will stop walking across the keyboard.*

*She won’t, but you can dream.

For more ways to include animals at work, check out this guide to office pets and this list of virtual take your dog to work ideas.

4. Occasion-themed Swag

Ideal for: Celebrants, supporters, and seasonal swag fans

Team swag is one of the simplest ways to honor special occasions in the workplace. For example, mainstream holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, and identity-based observances like Asian History Month or Pride Month.

Your graphic design department can dream up a holiday version of your mascot or logo to print on merchandise like bags, T-shirts, and mugs.

These pieces can be a powerful way for the staff to show support and solidarity for members of the celebrated communities during events such as Black History Month.

Plus, limited edition designs get staff more excited about items. Team members may even regularly check the company swag store for new products.

For more ways to commemorate these occasions, check out these guides to celebrating Pride Month virtually, Black History Month, virtual Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Asian Heritage Month at work.

5. Plant Pots

Ideal for: Green thumbs, wannabe gardeners, anyone who wants to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors

The shift to remote work caused by the pandemic caused a houseplant renaissance. Forced to work from home, professionals sought to make remote offices more officelike-yet-homey. Succulents, herb gardens, and ferns appeared on numerous desks and bookshelves. Even as some workers returned to traditional offices, these green companions remained a workplace staple. Buying branded plant pots is a way to liven up your staff’s workspace. You can include seeds so that recipients can grow a plant from scratch, or pot a cactus or flower so that employees can enjoy the greenery instantly.

6. AirPod Cases

Ideal for: Tech enthusiasts, gadget heads, people paranoid of misplacing an AirPod

Hop onto a Zoom meeting, and you are bound to see a pair of AirPods or two tucked into teammates’ ears. After your colleagues click “leave meeting,” however, those earbuds go into plain, boring white cases, or even worse, get thrown into a random drawer or bowl. Branded AirPod cases make a welcome addition to employees’ desktop essentials. Though the electronic device is expensive, the cases are cost-efficient. You can get the holders printed with your company’s color, name, and logo, and give team members a way to protect precious tech when on the-go.

7. Cocktail Kits

Ideal for: Mixologists, lives of the party, thirsty folk

Cocktail Kits are one of the best company swag box ideas. These gift sets can contain all of the materials necessary for team happy hours in one handy box.

Suggestions of happy hour swag include:

  • Wine/whiskey/beer/margarita glasses
  • Coasters
  • Beverage napkins
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Stirrers
  • Dry ingredients and infusion sets

You can brand all of these supplies with your company logo, and can either assemble your own kits or order pre-made packages.

Note that many states prohibit sending alcoholic beverages through the mail, so you may want to also include a gift card to cover the cost of an airline sized bottle of spirits to round off the gift set.

For more fun with adult beverages, check out this list of virtual happy hour tips and this one with drinking games to play online.

8. Eco-friendly Accessories

Ideal for: Nature lovers, climate activists, folks looking to lower their carbon footprint

In recent years, there has been a shift from disposable promotional items to more sustainable business swag. Eco-friendly products are in high demand, and gifting these Earth-conscious items to your employees demonstrates the company’s commitment to going green.

Examples of eco-friendly items include stainless steel straws, reusable silverware sets, canvas grocery bags, and stationery made from recycled paper.

For more environmental activities, check out this list of virtual Earth Day ideas.

9. Tile Tags

Ideal for: Scatterbrains, coworkers with chronically messy desks, people with looseable possessions

Tile Tags are one of the most practical corporate gifts for employees. These handy devices attach to objects like keys, pets, luggage, and vehicles, and keep track of the item via an app. You can print these devices with custom designs, including company names and logos. Gifting these devices is a good way to inspire gratitude among staff, since your employees are sure to associate the relief of finding a misplaced backpack or stuffed animal with the name of the organization.

10. Portable Power Banks

Ideal for: Digital nomads, corporate travelers, battery-drainers

Portable power banks are the most useful examples of luxury company swag. These devices permit folks to charge devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops when an outlet is not available. Simply charge up the bank, then connect the device via cable. These portable chargers come in handy during events, trips, and outings in public places. Employees can use the power banks for work and personal use. High-end brands like Mophie are the best options, and you can still get the devices personalized with the company name and logo. Since this swag is on the more expensive side, the gift may make a larger impact with employees and be more impressive to observers.

For similar ideas, check out this list of luxury corporate gift suggestions.

11. Sanitizing products

Ideal for: Germaphobes, staff who have already used up available sick days

Products like hand sanitizer, cloth masks, and door openers came into vogue during the shutdowns of 2021. However, post-pandemic, people are likely to embrace better hygiene to avoid getting sick. Stick a logo on these products, and you send the signal that you care about your employees health. To round out the gesture, you can couple the health swag with packets of Emergen-C, travel packs of tissues, and first aid kits.

Check out more employee wellness ideas.

12. Pajamas or Leggings

Ideal for: Lazy daisies, loungers, team members who hate putting on pants for Zoom meetings

Work from home ushered in an era of comfy couture. Gone are the days of slacks and pencil skirts. Pajamas and leggings are the new business casual for many telecommuters. Whether typing away midday or curling up on the couch to watch Netflix after work, your staff will appreciate a cozy pair of branded pajamas or leggings. The comfier, the better. You can print the pants with your company name or logo, or you can order photo pajamas or leggings that feature pictures of your business and the staff.

Pro tip: Host a team building pajama party where staff can wear the new pants while snacking on junk foods or breakfast foods together.

13. Coffee Kit

Ideal for: Caffeine cravers, coffee conessiours, anyone who cannot function without a cuppa or two

Coffee and work go together as naturally as salt and pepper or peanut butter and jelly. A coffee kit with a company logo is another match made in heaven. Many craft coffee roasters and equipment makers have entered the corporate gift game in the past few years. This present is a literal employee energizer and a piece of swag that is sure to see much use.

The best kits include appliances and ingredients, for example, mugs, makers, and blends or beans. The standard approach is to send a branded mug and a blend, however you can get fancy and gift a French press or cold brew kit or send unexpected mixes like a Dalgona coffee kit or make-your-own Vietnamese coffee pack.

For ideas of where to show off this swag, check out this guide to virtual coffee breaks.

14. Remote Work Survival Kits

Ideal for: Telecommuters, virtual teams, hybrid employees

Employers tend to equip virtual staff with the basics necessary to work from home, such as laptops, desks, remote work platforms, and ergonomic chairs. However, sometimes staff need more than the essentials to thrive when working from home. Remote work survival kits are an eccentric yet useful employee swag gift idea.

Common kit contents include earplugs or headphones, chargers, screen cleaners, snacks, candles, stationery, and plants. For humor you can also include a toy figure or plushie for employees to place on their desks so as not to get lonely.

Since these materials are common promotional items, the kits are easy to assemble from scratch. Simply gather the materials and label the box “remote work survival kit.”

For more suggestions, check out this list of gifts for remote employees.

15. Bluetooth Speakers

Ideal for: Music lovers, party people, employees who cannot function without a work soundtrack

Bluetooth speakers are a unique and cool company swag idea. The speakers are portable and connect to a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Employees can use this swag for work calls or meetings, during team building outings, or just to listen to music during the workday. Promo wireless speakers are an upscale yet inexpensive gift for employees, and the usefulness of the items is sure to be appreciated.

Check out this list of teamwork songs to play on this device.

16. Jumbo Water Bottle

Ideal for: Fitness enthusiasts, thirsty teammates, anyone who wants to avoid walking to the kitchen fifty times a day

Water bottles are one of the most common promotional gift items, and also one of the most useful. To take the gift to the next level, upgrade to a jumbo water bottle that saves employees steps and keeps them hydrated. A big bottle encourages employees to drink more water throughout the day. While team members likely already have a water bottle or two floating around their cupboards or gym bags, chances are they do not have many 64 oz canteens, making your gift more memorable.

17. Laptop Sleeve

Ideal for: Work-from-coffee-shop employees, jetsetters, team members living in fear of scratching the screen

Laptop sleeves are one of the most utilitarian company swag ideas. Recipients can take the case to work in a cafe, or use it as a barrier to try to keep the cat from sitting on the laptop. You can commission the cases in a variety of designs and patterns, or can keep it simple with a company name or logo. Plus, these accessories help to protect company-issues computers from scratches and scuffs.

18. Ring Light

Ideal for: Aspiring influencers, Zoom meeting champions, selfie stars

Ring lights are fun and handy swag gift ideas. Not only can employees use these tools to boost the quality of personal pics, these devices can also clip onto laptops or phones and improve the lighting during Zoom meetings. The company name and logo go in the middle of the ring, so employees never forget who is helping them look so good.

19. Desk Organizer

Ideal for: Type A personalities, work from home team members, anyone who has ever asked “have you seen my pen?”

Desk organizers make highly practical branded employee gifts. These handy holders can store the promotional pens, notepads, and sticky notes employees amass throughout the year. Not to mention, a sleek organizer can add a touch of style to team members desks. Work from home employees will be especially grateful for a filing system that helps keep the workspace tidy and together.

20. Edible Swag

Ideal for: Snacksters, break room scavengers, anyone with a mouth

Promotional items do not have to last forever to be enjoyable. Employees tend to love free food. Luckily, some swag can double as a delicious snack. For example, frosted and printed donuts, decorated cupcakes, custom M&M’s, logo lollipops, and candy or mints in branded tins. Beyond promotional companies, Etsy is a great place to shop for edible swag. You could also approach a local small business to ask about commissioning a custom creation, such as mini cupcakes or cookies.

21. Yoga Mats

Ideal for: Yogis, flexible workers, anyone who has been sitting in an office chair too long

Promo yoga mats have special appeal if you have a fitness-loving and health-conscious culture at your company. However, these gifts are good for any employees in need of a good stretch, especially those who work from home and get less exercise without a commute. You can order these mats in a variety of colors and designs, and your company name and logo will be in full view when your staff strikes downward facing dog.

Pro tip: Round out the gift with an afternoon meditation session or a group yoga class.

22. Gift certificate to the company swag store

Ideal for: Everyone!

Employee swag is not one size fits all. A product that is a hit with one teammate may be a dud with another. Rather than gift staff items they may never use, enable items to pick their own presents from the company swag store. Simply give each employee a set amount of credit to use at the company store.

Pro tip: Be sure that the gift amount is appropriate to the average price of items in the store. For example, giving each employee $10 to spend when the only item within that price range is stickers is unlikely to impress.

Final Thoughts

The best corporate swag ideas for employees are products that are useful yet fun. Anyone can slap a company name on a tote bag or notebook, yet staff will be more excited to receive unexpected gifts that show creativity and style. Practical presents signal that employers care about the employee experience. Not to mention, cool and unique freebies make for a more memorable gesture.

Next, check out this list of conference swag ideas, these employee appreciation day gifts and ideas and this guide to team building attire.

We also have a list of employee care package ideas for work.

FAQ: Company swag ideas

Here are answers to some common questions about company swag items.

What is company swag?

Company swag is branded products that feature company’s logo and name. These goodies are often given to current or potential clients, however companies also give these items to employees as gifts. Staff swag tends to be more upscale and personalized. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation to the staff and to bolster company pride. The uniformity of swag also promotes solidarity.

What is the best company swag for employees?

The best company swag for employees includes Bluetooth speakers, cheese boards, AirPods cases, and cocktail kits. These gifts tend to be a little more cool and unique than traditional options.

What are the benefits of providing team swag?

The benefits of providing team swag are that the gifts add a bit of fun and gratitude to the workplace. Branded swag helps to promote the company to outsiders, and also gives workers a sense of shared identity.

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