Updated: February 25, 2023

20 Employee Care Package Ideas for Business in 2023

You found our list of the best care package ideas for employees.

Employee care packages are gift boxes meant to boost morale by reaching out to your staff and showing them that you care about their health and wellbeing once they leave the office. For example, gifts of gratitude, health care packages, or even happy hour boxes can make staff feel valued and foster work solidarity while boosting staff retention.

These ideas are a great way to boost employee morale and are similar to virtual employee appreciation ideas or best corporate gifts for employees. These packages are also similar to corporate gift boxes and swag bags.

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Here we go!

Creative care packages

1. Picnic Crate

This crafted care package will get your employees excited about planning a  picnic. This portable picnic comes with a waterproof blanket, reusable cutlery, hand wipes, an insulated bag, bug repellent, a durable tumbler, and snacks.

The kit is convenient and easy to carry, ideal for impromptu meals in the park. This package is perfect for a summer retreat and is an excellent incentive for remote employees to spend more time outside.

Learn more about Picnic Crate.

2. The Conundrum

For a package that your staff may talk about in the breakroom for days to come, try The Conundrum.

This escape room in a box includes mind-bending games, incredible stories, and real-life props, like recipe cards and playlists that bring the adventure to life.

This package is the perfect gift for any thrill-seeking employee that could use a break from Netflix. The game is intellectually stimulating and immersive and provides an experience and entertainment.

Learn more about The Conundrum.

3. Finders Seekers

Employees can pull out their detective hats for this gift. The murder mystery care box from Finders Seekers invites recipients to become a part of the fictional town which has interweaving storylines, characters, and enjoyable plot twists.

The box is also available as a monthly subscription. The storyline will become more apparent each installment as you discover how the stories and characters tie together. Every box includes items and clues like notes:

  • Suspect interviews
  • Skeleton keys
  • Homicide reports
  • Suspect profiles
  • Autopsy reports

Learn more about the murder mystery care box from Finders Seekers.

4. Escape the Crate

The Escape the Crate package is a hit of a care box that brings the joy of solving puzzles to your home or online space.

This care package is choc-full of adventure, with envelopes, glossy papers, and props that you can use in the game. You also get a code to the Escape the Crate website for access to audio and visual elements to bring the game to life as you play.

Simply hop on a video call and work with your team to maneuver your way out of a pirate ship or the wild wild west.

Learn more about Escape the Crate.

5.  Success Crate

Sometimes, employees need extra help to reach their full potential. Success Crate is a coach in a box.

The package includes a New York Times best-seller self-help book and accessories such as creative notepads, gratitude templates, organizational report cards, and helpful office items that give your team much-needed inspiration and encouragement.

This thoughtful care package will deliver a motivational talk to get your team to refocus on their goals.

Learn more about Success Crate.

Health care packages

6. Introverts Retreat

Spending extended periods at work can take a toll on the psyche, especially for less outgoing employees. This rejuvenating retreat in a box is the perfect gift to reenergize your staff, the introverts especially.

This package is perfect for those workers who value a night in. The package contains everything your employees need to escape the world and curl up with a good book after a refreshing soak.

This box includes candles, bath salts, scented soap, sweet snacks, and your choice of ground coffee, loose leaf tea, or cocoa. Book options are available. Box themes include introvert mantras like “My Favorite Hobby Is Avoiding People” and “Love Me Enough To Leave Me Alone.”

Learn more about the Introverts Retreat.

7. The Yoga & Spa Gift Box

Yoga is an easy way for team members to stretch and stay active while practicing self-care. The pack contains accessories to set the atmosphere for a relaxing yoga session. In addition, this box will boost mindfulness and encourage staff to keep their limbs limber.

This package includes organic loose-leaf tea, lip balm, bath salts, essential oil-infused yoga spray, and a hand-poured soy blend candle. The gift also contains an intention-setting journal, and you can add a personalized greeting card.

Learn more about the Yoga & Spa Gift Box.

8. Succulent Box

Caring for plants is a meditative activity that steers folks away from screens and allows a second to breathe. This gift is perfect for showing your employees that you care about their work environment.  This gift will bring good energy and a refreshed look to their office space.

Each box contains an easy-to-care-for succulent along with detailed care instructions. Monthly subscriptions are available, and pricing starts at $15.

Learn more about the Succulent Box.

9. The Barbell Box

This gift will appeal to the gym rats in your group and may give couch potatoes motivation to get moving.

This monthly fitness subscription box can also be a once-off gift for men and women. The kit comes with various supplements, super-charged snacks, fitness gear, workouts, recipes, supplement plans, and motivation.

Learn more about The Barbell Box.

10. Relaxation Care Package

A long soak in the tub courtesy of this relaxation care package may be just the cure for burnout or extra stressful work weeks.

This box has all the goodies employees need to take a minute to breathe and focus on self-care:

  • Bath bomb
  • Soy candle
  • Matches
  • Lip-balm
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Scrunchie

You can add extra luxe items like face masks and shower steamers. In addition, each box comes with a reminder to “take time for yourself,” and you can add a personalized message to the card.

Learn more about the Relaxation Care Package.

Happy hour care packages

You can gift these packages as part of your next company happy hour.

11. Crafty Cocktails

Crafty Cocktails offers mixology kits that help recipients craft upscale mixed drinks. The packages contain the dry ingredients needed to make fancy cocktails and instructions to prepare the perfect drink. Employees only need to supply the alcohol. Since kits are BYOB, team members can choose the brand and flavor of alcohol they like best. The kits cater to various spirits like gin, tequila, and whiskey, and come in themes like vodka-infusion, daiquiri, or hair of the dog brunch kits.

Learn more about Crafty Cocktails and check out more virtual happy hour mix kits.

12. Happy Hour Gift Basket

This care package has everything needed to kick off a drinking, snacking, and socializing session. Whether working remotely or in an office, this spread is the perfect way to wind down after work with some cheese and crackers.

The box includes Australian wine, crackers, Camembert cheese, olives, and chili nut mix. Your employees can use the kit to entertain friends and coworkers or as an after-work treat.

Learn more about this Happy Hour gift basket.

13. Bud and BBQ Box

This happy hour care box is better suited to a nonvegetarian crowd as it is full of an assortment of cured meats, including candied Bacon, Beef Jerky, BBQ Chicken Chips, and Hardwood Smoked Summer Sausage.

The box also includes Smoked & Spicy Sunflower Seeds, Miner’s Mix XXL Garlic Rub, BBQ basting brush, BBQ tongs, and two Bud Light beers. This kit is ideal for an after-work BBQ, tailgate party, or game day.

Learn more about the Bud and BBQ box and find out if it’s possible to have this package delivered in your state.

Work from home care packages

14. The Desk Stash Box

This office makeover in a box is filled with desk accessories and office supplies to add a fun touch to your office space and boost productivity.

This care package was featured on Buzzfeed’s list of “20 Subscription Boxes That People Actually Swear By” and contains five to seven unique items bound to be a talking point in the office.

The contents are not your average sticky notes or pens but hand-sized paper clips, optical illusion pens, and ‘collapsing’ bookshelves. The items are carefully selected based on their uniqueness and fun.

Learn more about the Desk Stash Box.

15. Work From Anywhere Kit

The Work From Anywhere Kit includes all of the essentials for impromptu virtual workplace shifts. The vegan leather pouch contains notepads, stain removers, microfiber cloths, a tablet or phone stand, spare chargers and charging cables, and hand wipes. This care package is perfect for frequent business travelers or digital nomads and is everything an employee needs to pick up and work from the corner coffee shop.

Learn more about the Work From Anywhere Kit.

16. WFH Refresh Pack

The WFH Refresh Pack is a luxury care package designed to pamper remote employees. Each kit comes with a super soft tee, bamboo Bluetooth speaker, Theragun mini chair massager, and small-batch iced tea. Although pricey, this gift can convince virtual employees that they are a pivotal and valuable part of the organization.

Learn more about the WFH Refresh Pack and check out more luxury corporate gift options.

Food care packages

17. Hot Sauce of the Month Club

This care package can add some spice to your employees’ lives. However, beware that this gift may only suit the palate of those staff who can handle the heat! This pack may even inspire an office truth or dare game.

This box contains award-winning hot sauces showcasing a variety of cuisines from all over the world. The gift is sure to make lunch breaks or cooking at home that much more fun.

Learn more about the Hot Sauce Of The Month.

18. Premium Breakfast

This fantastic food care box is full of everything your team needs to get the day off to a good start.

The box contains a gourmet coffee cake, chocolate-covered espresso beans, flavored coffee, origin coffee, baked goods, quick bread, mini bread, and homemade Italian-style biscotti. This gift is ideal for perking up your morning meeting activities.

Learn more about the Premium Breakfast Box.

19. Every Bean Box

If the wafting smell of freshly roasted coffee beans gets you excited, then this assortment of single-origin coffees and crafted blends is the perfect gift for your staff. The Every Bean Box includes nearly a half-pound of freshly-roasted whole bean coffee, tasting notes, roaster profiles, brewing tips, and an artisan treat.

The box is a four-piece set, including your choice of light, medium, dark, espresso, decaf, or combination roasts. A world-class coffee expert selects the blends to help your staff discover their next favorite cup.

Learn more about the Every Bean Box.

20. Gourmet Snack Box

If the thought of flavorful, hickory-smoked sausage and creamy aged white cheddar has you drooling, then this box is for you.  Your staff will enjoy pairing these delicious snacks with hot honey mustard and three-seed crackers in this Harry and David snack box.

The box is choc-full of gourmet snacks, including premium mixed nuts, classic caramel Moose Munch, and premium popcorn. This package is sure to make your staff feel valued.

Learn more about the Gourmet Snack Box.

Final Thoughts

Few things in life feel better than an unexpected gift. Employee care packages are a great way to show your staff they are more than a cog in the machine and that you appreciate them for their hard work and determination. These packages boost morale during trying times and can make virtual or office meetings interactive and fun.

These business care packages are sendable with a click of a button, however, the impact may last for months.

Next, check out swag gift ideas for employees, retirement gifts, and work anniversary gifts.

We also have a list of the best employee gratitude activities and a list of top snack box vendors.

FAQ: Employee care package ideas

Here are a few common questions and answers about employee care package ideas for office and remote workers.

What do you need to include in am employee care package?

If you are looking for an appropriate gift to show your staff that you care then start with a personal message. Kind words can go a long way in letting your team know that you appreciate them. Other items you could include are puzzles, crossword puzzle books, adult coloring books with markers, board games, word searches, candles, gift cards, and snacks.

What are some good business care package ideas for work?

Some good care package ideas for work include Escape the Crate, Work From Anywhere kits, relaxation boxes, snack boxes, and Crafty Cocktail kits.

How much should you spend on employee care packages?

You should generally spend about $30 for small employee gifts throughout the year. For special occasions and holidays, you could increase this budget to $100 or more.

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