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21 Fun Virtual Administrative Professionals Day Ideas for 2023

You found our list of the best virtual Administrative Professionals Day ideas.

Administrative Professionals Day is a work holiday that recognizes the contributions of assistants and office staff. Ways to celebrate the occasion include giving gifts, sharing special messages, and planning fun activities for staff. The purpose of the holiday is to show appreciation for administrative teammates. Administrative Professionals Day is also called National Admin Day.

This holiday is similar to Employee Appreciation Day, and is cause for virtual team celebrations and virtual employee appreciation.

This article includes:

  • creative ideas for administrative professionals day
  • administrative professionals day events
  • activities for administrative professionals day
  • National Admin Day gift ideas
  • administrative professionals day messages

Here we go!

List of virtual Administrative Professionals Day ideas

Here are some games and activities to celebrate office staff on National Admin Day.

1. Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a word game that prompts players to fill in words without knowing the rest of the sentence. Once all the blanks are full, the recorder reads the story aloud, usually with hilarious results.

We created some office-themed Mad Libs games for Administrative Professionals Day:

Phone Message Admin Day Mad Lib Game The Meeting Admin Day Mad Lib Game

A Rough Morning Admin Day Mad Lib Game Awesome Admins Admin Day Mad Lib Game

Check out a comprehensive list of vocabulary games here, plus this list of fun word games.

2. Ecards

One of the simplest ways to thank virtual assistants on Admin day is to send an ecard. First, ask your team to write personal messages in a shared Google Doc or Google Form. Then, design a card in Canva and transfer the text.

We created a few Admin Day Card templates you can use if you are short on time:

Check out our guide to holiday invitations for more tips.

3. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

Since administrative staff are often the unsung heroes of the office, superhero-themed activities are holiday appropriate. Superhero Academy is a 90 minute, fully-facilitated virtual team building event. A magnanimous host guides teams through a series of comic-book-like challenges, including word puzzles, trivia races, and virtual minute to win it games. All the while, players hunt for hints to reveal which teams are secretly super villains. Superhero Academy is an afternoon or evening of bonding and fun for remote teams, and a way to applaud your crew’s heroes.

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

4. Online Office Games

Online Office Games banner

Online Office Games is a 90 minute online tournament for virtual teams. A lively host leads the group through mini games like scavenger hunts and “Can You Hear Me Now?” Teams square off in a battle for points and bragging rights. The activities encourage collaboration and communication. Plus, the games are fun and energizing for teams. Online Office Games is customizable, and you can ask to end the event with a toast to the hardworking administrative members of your staff.

Learn more about Online Office Games.

5. Virtual Coffee Break

Virtual coffee breaks are one of the best activities for administrative professionals day. These events are casual remote meetings between colleagues that give staff the chance to bond and talk about non-work topics. We generally advise using a Slack app like Donut to randomly match up teammates for talks. However, for Administrative Professionals Day, we recommend scheduling a coffee chat for the whole team. Or, give assistants the opportunity to choose a colleague for a chat.

Pro tip: Cover the cost of a cup or two of coffee for your admins by sending a Starbucks gift card or reimbursing receipts.

Check out our guide to virtual coffee breaks ideas and this list of virtual coffee tasting classes.

6. Digital Escape Room

Admins are great problem solvers, and critical thinking skills are useful for solving virtual escape rooms. Digital escape rooms are exercises that require players to solve puzzles within time limits. The riddles often appear on a series of Google Forms, but sometimes take place in a Zoom room with costumes and props. These games test teams’ intelligence and ability to work together. Not to mention, escape rooms are a thrilling way to spend an evening or afternoon.

Check out our full list of digital escape rooms.

7. Online Game Show

Online game shows are one of the most fun administrative professionals day events. You can invite the entire administrative staff to compete against each other. Or, play in departments with the assistant as the captain of each team.

First, select your game show format. Then, prepare your materials. At minimum, you will need to create a slideshow for the game board and scoreboard, and gather questions and answers. Next, recruit a host who can keep the group’s energy high. Then, meet up on virtual meeting software and play the game.

Here are some of the most fun game shows to play on Zoom:

  • Trivia
  • Jeopardy
  • Family Feud
  • The Newlywed Game
  • Match Game
  • The Price Is Right
  • Minute to Win It

To make the event extra fun, raffle off real prizes. Check out our full list of digital game shows for more ideas.

Here is a guide on how to play Jeopardy with teams.

8. Zoom Happy Hour

Zoom Happy Hours are virtual event ideas where teammates gather via video meeting to share drinks and casually chat. Participants can join the party from the comfort of their own living rooms, and do not need to worry about yelling over a jukebox or hailing a cab home.

The best time slots for virtual happy hours are immediately after work or during the final hour of the workday. Most employers cover or reimburse the first round of drinks and budget about $10 to15 per attendee.

During the call, employees can play games, answer icebreaker questions, and learn how to make fancy cocktails. Playing background music helps folks feel more comfortable. We recommend allowing assistants to pick the music for your Admin Day happy hour. Also, you can end the event with a toast to the hardworking administrative staff.

For more tips, check out our guide to virtual happy hours and this list with drinking games to play on Zoom.

9. Remote Lunch

Remote lunches are one of the best virtual Administrative Professionals Day ideas. In traditional offices, the team often takes the assistant out for a meal as a thank-you gesture. The group can still gather to enjoy each other’s company and express appreciation.

Simply schedule a time to take a lunch break together. Then, send a calendar invite with a meeting link. Before the meeting starts, attendees order delivery or pick up food from takeout joints. The group gathers on virtual meeting software such as Zoom, WebEx, or Skype and eats together. You can either reimburse food up to a certain amount, or send the team credits to delivery services like DoorDash or UberEats.

Pro tip: Let the honoree choose the cuisine and declare a lunch theme. Eating the same type of food will simulate the experience of eating at the same restaurant.

Zoom lunches are an example of easy morale boosters for remote employees, and help boost remote team engagement

10. Team Photo

Taking team photos is one way to make Administrative Professionals Day special. You could surprise your admin with a group photo. For instance, each member of the team could take a picture holding a handwritten sign, and then you can create a collage. Or, you could invite the whole team to a Zoom meeting and capture a few screenshots. Using photo booth props, costumes, and virtual backgrounds makes for a more amusing end result. You could also include the admin in the photo-shoot instead of surprising them afterwards.

For more virtual team bonding ideas, check out our list of online team building activities.

11. Video Tribute

Thank-you’s are most impactful when delivered face to face. When you and the team are too far away to wish happy admin day in person, you can record a video instead.

Apps like Loom make it easy to create and upload short videos. You can ask team members to each record a short 15 to 30 second clip. When all submissions are in, then compile the clips into a video montage. You can also add pictures, text, and background music.

Finally, send the admin the finished file. Or, play the tribute during a virtual meeting so that the whole team can watch together.

12. Blackout Hours

Blackout hours are one of the most creative ideas for administrative professionals day. Instead of planning special events or activities for the holiday, free up a few hours in your administrative staff’s schedules. You can block out a one or two hour time slot on each employee’s calendar, either all at once or staggered. Be sure to notify the rest of the team not to schedule or reach out to the assistant during this time, and give a backup contact.

The administrative staff can choose to spend this time however they please. For instance, by playing Slack games with colleagues, catching up on work, or perhaps even running non-work errands.

13. Social Media Spotlights

You can publicly praise your hardworking admins by posting social media spotlights on company accounts. First, reach out to your social media team and coordinate the campaign with their department. Next, ask your admins for photos or insights to share with the social media audience. To gather data, use a form, schedule a quick Zoom interview, or communicate via email or Slack.

Here are prompts to help you generate post content:

  • What are you reading/watching/listening to?
  • What is your favorite work tool or hack?
  • What is the most fulfilling part of your job?
  • What are you most proud of in your career so far?
  • Name one goal you have for the upcoming year?
  • What celebrity would you most like to work with?
  • What is the best work lunch or work snack?
  • What fact might surprise your coworkers?

We recommend choosing two or three questions to send to each admin. To add variety, you can send each respondent different prompts. For more prompt options, check out our list of interview questions.

14. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a question game that prompts players to choose between two difficult or uncomfortable options. In honor of the holiday, we created an administrative professionals version of the game.

Here are some starter questions:

  • Forget to return a phone call or accidentally save an email to drafts?
  • Spill coffee on yourself or spill coffee across your desk?
  • Forget your phone charger or your earbuds?
  • Talk on the phone or communicate via email?
  • Free lunch for a month or free coffee for a year?
  • Work in an office with tons of fun perks or work from home?
  • Work for Bill Gates or Warren Buffet?
  • Start work late or leave early?
  • Read your coworkers’ minds or predict one hour into the future?
  • Be a smooth talker or a technical genius?
  • Have Joan Holloway’s sharp tongue or her sharp wardrobe?
  • Lose your calendar or lose all the contacts in your phone?
  • Have a work lunch with your favorite celebrity or take a business trip to your dream destination?

Check out a longer list of Would You Rather questions.

Virtual Administrative Professionals Day gift ideas

Here is a list of emailable gifts for outstanding virtual administrators.

15. Digital gift cards

Digital gift cards are one of the easiest gifts to send for a remote Administrative Professionals Day. You can send vouchers directly to staff emails.

Here are some popular e-gift cards:

You could also tailor the gift card to fit employees’ interests, or offer staff a choice between several options via employee engagement software platforms.

16. Flowers or plants

Offices often give support staff flowers on National Admin Day. While you cannot leave a bouquet on your assistant’s desk, you can order flowers to their home office. Many local or national florists offer delivery services and online ordering options. Or, websites like ProGift and ForeverFlowering can email vouchers to recipients.

You could also order plant gift boxes or subscriptions, like succulents for example.

17. Sweets

When you cannot invite admins to the break room for cake, you can send sweets to their house instead.

Here are a few dessert shops that offer emailable gift cards:

Or, you can send a Goldbelly e-gift card so that staff can choose a sweet or savory treat.

18. Stationery

Stationery is a gift assistants can use on the job. Artsy paper products can add a touch of fun and personal style to the workplace. Admins who receive email vouchers can pick out stationery they love.

Here are some online stationery shops that offer digital gift cards:

If working on a limited budget, then you can send your admins this list of free email stationery templates.

19. Work from home upgrade

Offering home office furnishings is a nice gift for any occasion. You could send staff a gift card to stores like Staples, Home Depot, or Best Buy, or ask employees to choose from a list of options.

Here are some good work from home upgrades to offer:

  • standing desk converters
  • ergonomic cushions
  • wifi boosters
  • noise blocking headphones
  • charging stations
  • smart speakers
  • cord organizers

You can also reimburse employees up to a designated amount for home office accessories.

20. Massage

Desk work is sedentary and can often be stressful. Massages help admins release built-up tension and deliver a physical and mental health boost.

One easy way to find a parlor near your employee is through Groupon. You could also use search engines to locate nearby spas or massage parlors that offer email vouchers. Or, you can present staff with a stipend to use on pampering at a chosen location.

21. Handwritten Cards

Handwritten cards are one of the most meaningful gifts for Administrative Professionals Day. Though you cannot send this gift via email, it is inexpensive and easy to coordinate. Simply ask the team to write out a note to each support staff member. If employees are comfortable sharing their addresses, then they can mail the cards directly. Otherwise, you can collect all cards and send as one single package.

For more gift ideas, check out our lists of the best gifts for remote employees and the best employee gifts under $50.

Online Administrative Professionals Day messages

Here are saying to you can use in Administrative Professionals Day ecards, graphics, emails, or meetings.

  1. Happy Administrative Professionals Day, to an administrative professional we’re happy to have on the team!
  2. You are the glue that holds this place together.
  3. We’d be lost without you! Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
  4. You are a tireless worker (even when under caffeinated.) Enjoy a well-deserved cup of java on us!
  5. Happy Administrative Professionals Day, to an awesome admin who makes us happy every day!
  6. Thank you for your hard work and endless patience.
  7. Happy Administrative Professionals Day to a badass admin!
  8. Thank you for all that you do.
  9. Don’t think we don’t notice all your hard work!
  10. Answering phones, answering emails, answering our prayers!
  11. We are so grateful for all your support.
  12. Thank you for being our safety net!
  13. Hold all my calls– too busy basking in your awesomeness!
  14. There are over 6,000 languages in the world, but still not enough ways to say thank you for all that you do!
  15. Thanks for keeping it all together.
  16. Behind every successful team, there is an awesome admin. Couldn’t do it without you!
  17. You are the best, and we are our best because of it!
  18. There’s a reason “great” rhymes with administrate!
  19. Nothing and no-one gets past you. Thanks for all that you do!
  20. Grateful to have an admin that never settles for the minimum!
  21. Today’s the day to give back to the teammate who always has our back. Happy Admin Professionals Day!
  22. It’s administrative professionals day, and I can’t think of an admin more professional than you!
  23. You smile through stress, keep calm through chaos, and help us all to weather the storm. We appreciate the positivity!

For similar sentiments, check out our lists of boss day quotes and employee appreciation quotes.


Unlike other departments, assistants do not generally have concrete quotas or goals, which means fewer opportunities for congratulations. Organizations celebrate Administrative Professionals Day to show that the work of these individuals is vital to the business’ success and deserves recognition. The holiday offers an opportunity for the whole team to gather and have fun together. Not to mention, these celebrations spread a spirit of gratitude throughout the workplace.

Next, check out our list of executive assistant skills and these skills for virtual assistants.

FAQ: Administrative Professionals Day

Here are answers to common questions about Administrative Professionals Day.

What is Administrative Professionals Day?

Administrative Professionals Day is a work holiday that honors office support staff such as personal assistants, office managers, and receptionists. The occasion is also called National Admin Day. Once upon a time, the holiday was also called Secretaries Day, however, that term is rarely used anymore, as many folks consider the word secretary demeaning.

What are the best Administrative Professionals Day ideas?

The best Administrative Professionals Day ideas include online happy hours, digital coffee breaks, blackout hours, and handwritten cards.

What are some ways to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day remotely?

Some ways to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day remotely include remote lunches, e-cards, emailable gifts, and virtual game shows.

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